6 Book Reviews That Will Make You Want To Read The “Mahabharata Murders”

Posted by juggernautbooks
December 11, 2017

Arnab Ray’s The Mahabharata Murders is creating quite a buzz. We received an overwhelming response from the press and our readers. Here are some reviews and tweets shared about the book. Have a look and you might be enticed to read the book itself!

Riju Ganguly’s review on Amazon says,

“This thriller, which also pays homage to Dame Agatha Christie as well as the other greats who have charmed & stunned the bongs with their ware over the ages, is one of the darkest and most pitiless pieces of work that I have read. And I’m not going to get rid of its memories anytime soon, that’s for sure. Savour this book. Have it in small portions. Let this be your own dark epic. Highly Recommended.”

One more feather in the author’s cap with this review on Amazon by Ranjani

“Having read Arnab Ray’s last few novels I was curious to see him the thriller genre and he does not disappoint his readers. The character sketch of central characters are very well developed and their backstory makes them quite real. The pacing is very good and the twists keep coming which makes it a quick read. The end is quite convincing and fortunately not Bollywood-esque. Do not miss if you like your thrillers.” 

Anurag Ghosh put his views on the Juggernaut platform,

“Mahabharata Murders is a mind-boggling crime thriller! A must-read novel if you are a big fan of psychological murder mysteries. Arnab Ray is a marvellous storyteller. He knows how to bring readers to the edge of their seats. And he definitely knows his Mahabharata. The author has such a deep understanding of this EPIC that I wish he writes another book unravelling its secrets and mysteries. 

This is what a blogger had to say,

“In Mahabharata Murders, Arnab Ray ticks all the right boxes, weaving a tale that is dark, sharp, and as cliched as it may sound – unputdownable. From the first page you are warped into the first of many crime scenes and as you begin to progress through the book you realize that this not quite the Kolkata of Bhodroloks.”

Diptakirti Chaudhuri put a review on Goodreads. Seems like he just can’t wait for the book to be on-air,

“A stunningly well-written serial killer story where the murders are based on that ubiquitous story of our lives – the Mahabharat. An unusual heroine. Gruesome deaths. Eminently recognizable characters. Calcutta’s seedy underbelly. Snippets – known and obscure – from the epic. [bctt tweet=”#MahabharataMurders packs in a punch in every chapter, hurtling towards a totally unpredictable climax. ” username=”@juggernautbooks”]The story is almost written like a screenplay with great scenes and kickass dialogues. The structure follows the classical mystery mini-series and I hope this gets made into one real soon.”

Bhaskar Upadhyay says:

“The book is a fast-paced read with the story moving along at a great clip and keeps you hooked. In the Traditions of good Crime thrillers, the murders are suitably grizzly and the supporting cast is peppered with interesting characters. The author does a great job at bringing alive the seedy and perverse cast of characters, all of whom draw you into the story and keep you engaged. The mystery is well kept and the twist at the end is interesting, if not downright surprising. The ending is definitely divisive and how you look at it will depend on your worldview.”

If you still haven’t read “The Mahabharata Murders”, read it here.