Why Kanpur’s Municipal Commissioner Had To Battle It Out Alone To Clean The City

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December 17, 2017

Sometimes, accountability catches those subordinates off-guard, who show opposition but dislike the ‘boss battle’. Although the general public appreciates the government servants showing responsibility towards their duties, yet there are examples galore where their actions were looked down upon by the subordinate staff. A particular thought process instructs them to not to go ahead in the instructed direction.

Our city precincts (Kanpur) fall within the municipal areas. The nagar ayukt (municipal commissioner) is responsible for keeping the city’s confines cleaner. In view of this notion, he initiated various steps to reach this goal. To this end, he initiated a move to inspect the common open defecation spots in the area.

His mind was thinking of ensuring the efficient and effective functioning of the ‘cleanliness mission’. He had a responsibility to complete it – so, he was busy in inspecting the spots which had been dirty since the last two months, according to reports.

However, he was not confined to any particular area. His inspection covered all the spots.  His goal was transparent, but his subordinates didn’t follow him. They chose the kind of thinking which was just opposite to that of the officer. That’s why they were ‘escaping’ from the boss’ style of functioning.

This caused the officer to clearly express his disapproval towards his subordinate officials. He laid emphasis upon how the work was getting affected owing to their absence from the duty. He even sought clarifications and also issued show-cause notices to the employees.

During his inspection, he found that either the zonal officers were absent from duty, or that the other subordinates were shirking from their dutiful responsibilities. Furthermore, the assistant- and junior-level engineers also allegedly showed their irresponsible attitudes.

If the nagar ayukt showed a perfect attitude, why did his subordinates wriggle out of their obligations? After all, he was the one who faced the brunt of the blast of the cold, winter air, while his subordinates probably stayed behind in warm and comfortable surroundings.


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