“Hum Bhi Bacche Hai”: A Programme That Celebrated The Talents Of Kids From Delhi’s Slums

On December 3, 2017, Combined Action For Progress India (CAFP India) conducted a grand programme called “Hum Bhi Bachhe Hai” for the children who live in the slums of Delhi. The programme took place in the auditorium of the School Of Social Sciences, Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU).

More than 200 children and their parents attended the programme. Many of them even performed in this programme. The idea behind it was to give these deprived children (who live on the last edge of society) a platform to show their hidden talents.

The performances of children were amazing. They performed stunts, narrated stories, acted out dramas on social issues, recited poems, choreographed dances, sung songs, and gave speeches, among other activities. Yogesh and Ishra were the anchors of this program.

The best part of the programme was that the stage completely belonged to the children. Besides, the performers got attractive prizes, and all the children got woolen clothes, stationeries, gifts, etc. All the attendees of this program enjoyed a delicious breakfast, lunch and some eye-catching performances.

Many dignitaries had come to see the talents of these children. The eminent film-producer and internationally- acclaimed jury member of children film festivals, Jitendra Mishra (who is also known for movie “I am Kalam”) was present. He termed this programme as “ one of the cutest programmes ever. ”

Prof. R Mahalakshmi, Prof. Rakesh Batabyal, Prof. Ranabir Chakravarti (all from JNU), and Prof. Khursheed Ansari (the assistant Dean of  student welfare, Jamia Hamdard University) energised the children and the CAFP India team by their energetic words. Namita Jain, the entrepreneur, and Aparajita Priyadarsini (from the Indian Economic Service) not only motivated the children, but also interacted with each of the children individually.

Ms Sree, the Odishi dancer, gave us all an unforgettable performance – and a motivational speech to all her friends, especially those who unfortunately live in slums.

Raza Quadir, the director of CAFP India conveyed the following in his vote of thanks: “These children are the actual stars of India. They are not dirty – the minds of those people, who call them dirty, are.”

The credit for the success of “Hum Bhi Bachhe Hai” goes to the CAFP India team which strove selflessly at all times. Prasikha Negi (the secretary), Hemant (an executive member), Ravi, Sushree Sangeeta, Vijay and Rishi were behind these selfless efforts.

CAFP India can be contacted at +91-9692330642  or +91-7042505515. They can also be reached at cafpindia@gmail.com.


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