Choice between career abroad and stay with family at home post marriage due some issues

Posted by Mohammed Anas
December 29, 2017

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Good Evening.

This is Mohammed Annas. Currently working as Electrical Engineer in Dubai, UAE. A native of Hyderabad, Telangana State, INDIA.

I am 25 years old. I got married in Feb 2015, working abroad (in UAE) since March 2016.

After 10 months of marriage, some family problems started but I had to focus on my career being a married person so I came to UAE and got a job. Its been over 1.5 years since I work here, but at home, the family issues related to marriage are still not sorted out.

I have a daughter who is 8 months old now. I am in dilemma right now, whether to continue my job or go back home and sort out my family-marriage problems (issues are between my parents and my in-laws only).

Here, I am not able to focus on my job/ work peacefully, which may affect my job/ company so thinking of quitting job here and go home spend 2-3 years with my family (subsequently I can be able to see my daughter childhood), sort out all the problems, then fly to abroad again for making a good career. But, again, I am thinking If I do so, I may loose my crucial time of making my career if I spend this time with my family.

With all these confusions, I am finding difficulty to choose among the two possible decisions in my perspective.

I want to seek suggestions from readers over this matter.

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