“Darkness has its own beauty that you can only see with your inner light.”

Posted by mihika attri
December 8, 2017

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There’s an uncanny glow in eternalism that assuages our grievances and devolves the uncertainty within.
And same goes for that INNER LIGHT …somewhere deeply engraved into that dark soul.

It’s innate


Constantly struggling for it’s ouster. Often peeping from those small crevices just to remind us of it’s presence.
Instigating us , pinching us hard to forge towards our purpose of life .

Waiting eagerly for us to open the door and let it come out.
To let it radiate and make our inhibitions indistinct.

To outshine our insecurities ,

To ceasing us from relentlessly regretting over our failures ,

And to unmask the facade ,  That we live under .

All it needs is that one Awakening , that one Call !

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