Dear Society, We Are Failing To Give Our Children A Healthy Childhood

Posted by Bijasmita in Specials
December 17, 2017

Dear Us,

Where am I? Where are You? Where are We? Are we not running out of ‘us’? Running behind digitalization, modernization, capitalization and competing in this struggle for existence; we are running out of our children!

I am a grown-up girl. I grew up playing with my cousins and the children of my colony and not being a gamer like that of today. I grew up with Mowgli and not being an internet surfer of below age like that of today. I spent my childhood with innocence and not with premature maturity. Who is responsible? Who are responsible of this gap? Somehow we are responsible. We don’t have time to spend a fruitful time with them. We failed to give them a healthy and better childhood. As a result, unaware of this gap, depression and frustration is all what both a children and of course We, face.
Education is not everything, we should end up. Social awareness and to bring up as a genuine human being is something to be a highly focussed issues. And this is the responsibility of parents, family, teachers and of course us; the society as a whole. But unfortunately and sadly, today’s children has a surrounding society where the mechanical life results a gap of direct communication between the parents and their wards ; urbanization results in the formation of neutral families of a joint family. And for the Education system, it is perfectly said that today Education System is the system which doesn’t have any system. A teacher is the backbone of the society. Both of my parent being a teacher, I grew up believing service to mankind assumes a special spiritual significance. I was taught the chapter of renunciation. The teacher I came across should always be the ‘Man of Divinity’ for good.

Today we are living in a society where girls are being accused of something wrong happened to their own. The girls are forced to death of someone’s guilt and if survives, lives depressed and traumatized.

Today the society leads a 4years old to be sexually assaulted and allegedly abused the child inside the toilet of G.D Birla school of Kolkata by 2 teachers! The incident came into light when the mother discovered the bleeding from her daughter’s genital area. Are they the teacher of future nation’s building? Is this the society our countrymen fought for in the the-then days? Every time for a selected number of beings a whole community gets accused! As of now again for the two teachers, the genuine teachers of the society felt ashamed of. Who is responsible? The Society! How was the baby girl responsible for? Being innocent or being a child of this antipathetic modern society; what was her fault?

Few days back, a 4year old accused of allegedly assaulting his classmate who was a girl of same age. The incident took place in Dwarka of Delhi. It was reported the 4years old used finger and sharpened pencil to sexually assault his classmate. How did a baby boy of only 4years come across of such sexual abusing? How was he oriented towards to be a criminal of such matured assaults? Where is his childhood gone? Who is responsible? What and who swallowed his innocence?

We are responsible. The modern society is responsible. We are somewhere and day by day we are going deep to there where we will be left everything undone.


On behalf of ‘We’