Posted by Nisha Choudhary
December 4, 2017

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Hey people! hope you all are doing good.

Without wasting time I want to speak up on the topic “Divorce”. Well something very common,right. But have you all ever thought how disgusting this can make one feel irrespective of gender and especially when they are not willing to go for it and above all when it’s because of in-laws.

The only difference between a live-in relationship and marriage is that marriage is socially more acceptable and also it involves commitment which makes you feel safe especially women.

But unfortunately in Indian societies parents look for a well qualified bride for their sons or so called grooms. Later her qualification or education becomes her greatest barrier for a happy and respectful life. As she is considered often most impatient and rebellious member of family often forced to stick to norms totally unacceptable.

The venom I spitted is because of an unsuccessful marriage I suffered due to undue interference of my in-laws and my “no backbone” husband who wishes to divorce me just for sake of his parents regardless of his almost three year old son. My question to such people is why you marry? And even if you marry why you become a father when you are not able to become a husband. And I wish to question such mother in law’s that why you marry of your only son when you are not sure even of your own upbringing?!!! Why you fear that your bahu will snatch your son? She is not a devil. She too is a mom.

And to conclude I would like to say divorce or forced divorce is never a solution (until and unless your intentions are dirty). Talk. Discuss. Make way out. Marriage is a bond beyond realms of worldly pleasures and it’s sanctity should be preserved.


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