Do I Need a Hire Wedding DJ for My Wedding?

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December 14, 2017

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What is a wedding DJ?

No, you don’t actually need a DJ during your wedding ceremony. But that’s not what where wedding DJs are supposed to be. A typical wedding has two parts, namely the ceremony and the reception. The receptions is where we usually see them. Although some would have a dance party immediately after the ceremony which in such case, a DJ would be required to be on standby the whole time. Really, it depends on you – on your preference – you could even change the standard wedding song into a remixed one. But what are the “to-knows” about wedding DJs?

What do they do?

The most common perception of people for DJs or Disc Jockeys that they are very good in mixing music, creating beats, or making dance music. They may be correct but that would only be a part of being a DJ. More often than not, DJs are in charge of music, element coordination, crowd management, mood setting, lightings, and so much more. They are not just there to play some music or pump up the crowd with their energetic talking. They are there to set everything in place.

Is it a necessity to hire them?

There are specialty DJs too, ones who specializes in a specific situation. One of them is the Wedding DJ. A Wedding DJ is a

Disc Jockey that specializes in wedding situations (obviously). Their primary job would be to ensure that all of the guests would feel a great atmosphere – a celebratory atmosphere, actually – and enjoy the reception. A great wedding DJ would definitely ask the preferences of the bride and the groom, the guests’ age range and age distribution, the theme, and the program. They would also offer suggestions, plans, and other essential information that are very effective in the past to their clients. This would prove especially important when the clients have no real specifications on what to do. They could also integrate their own touch into the preferences of the crowd, without really destroying the essence of such preference. The next thing they’d do would be to stir their memoir of songs and come up with suitable ones to play during the day of celebration. A great Wedding DJ would take it into account how to cater to different age groups that are attending the reception, especially because in weddings, the diversity of age varies. There are many other things to prepare too. And that would only be the preparation phase. During the actual day of celebration, the DJ would be watching, listening, and observing the crowd for any last minute change in his/her strategy. That goes on throughout the entire celebration – ensuring that everyone would enjoy it. To sum it up, a great wedding DJ’s most valuable asset is his/her ability to connect to people, and adopt to different situations.

Given these things, a wedding celebration with a wedding Disc Jockey present would definitely be a blast – a fun experience for the guests.

Yes. Hiring a wedding DJ is very important in setting the celebration’s mood and success. But hiring a great DJ would ensure that such things would surely happen.

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