Do Not Block Roads For Protests: An Open Letter To The General Public

Posted by Younus Rashid in Society
December 20, 2017

Dear people,

I chose this open platform to reach out to a maximum number of people for conveying my suggestion that we should get together to put a particularly-bad custom at bay. People usually block busy roads in an effort to have their demands fulfilled or to protest against anything. Upon being asked why they do so, most of their responses are along the following lines: “We have some genuine demands and we want a solution from the authorities concerned.”

As the people block roads for their demands or needs, they make others suffer for hours. At the same time, some of them claim to be modest people of the 21st century. To me, this sounds illogical because their actions cause hardships for many – and that is not a good sign of modesty. We should have a sense of self-belonging towards our society.

Many-a-time, travellers, especially office-goers, students and many other people, who have to reach their destinations on time, get stuck in traffic jams after people take to the roads to register their protest. No doubt, people have a right to protest and assemble without arms. However, roads need to be spared from all this, as it leads to a loss of precious time.

My suggestion to people facing problems (in form of non-availability of drinking water, electricity cuts or any other issue) is that they should go and hold a demonstration or peaceful protest outside the department concerned. Not only do their demands and grievances have a greater chance of being solved, the officials concerned will also be more cautious towards addressing problems in these areas. This will further save time and help in the redressal of problems more quickly.

Blocking roads for protesting sometimes costs a lot, as ambulances and other emergency squads often do not have the time to wait. Therefore, it is time to change our way of demanding and protesting. It is our responsibility to end of this hell on the roads – and for this, we need to change our mindsets.


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