Domestic Tourism a Growing Trend in Kerala with the States to the North in Focus

Posted by Anju Arun
December 13, 2017

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India being a country with the different climatic condition and natural vegetation houses a number of states with entirely different and unique features. To the south, the country is blessed with the best climate and natural splendour. The Western Ghats located to the southern tip adds up to the beauty of the states in the south. Blessed with natural splendour, vegetations, beauty, climate, tradition, culture and rich history, Kerala to the southernmost tip of India is one of the best tourist destinations in the country. Taking great advantage of this diversity of vegetation, culture and tradition the Kerala government with the tourism department is now striving to develop Kerala as one of the best domestic tourist destination in the world.

India is a country with dry states to the north taking advantage of this climatic variation the Kerala tourism department with travel partners like Holiday Mango Travel is now proposing a number of different tourism projects to facilitate the flow of domestic tourist from dry states. Some of the main states to which the Kerala tourism is focusing to facilitate domestic tourism include Surat, Jaipur, Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and many more. Most of the traveller visiting Kerala from these dry states is honeymooners, couples, nature lovers and bird watchers. The Kerala tourism department as a part of promoting domestic tourism has put forward a number of Attractive Surat to Kerala tour packages and other states to the north like Jaipur with an aim to allow the travellers, mostly honeymooners and nature lovers to enjoy and explore the natural harmony and the beauty of the exotic romantic destinations in Kerala.

Domestic tourism is now one of the fastest growing sectors in tourism that allows and facilitates the flow of travellers from within the country into the state. Kerala is a state which is better known as the honeymooner’s paradise, making great use of this name the Kerala government and the tourism department is also focusing on attracting couples and honeymooners into Kerala from the states to the north like Surat and Jaipur. With the increasing demand for domestic tourism in the state, now Kerala is on its way to emerging as one of the best domestic tourist destination to the south.

One of the main reason for the Kerala government to promote domestic tourism is due to that fact that the development of tourism directly effect on the economic growth of the state and thereby the county. With the increasing number of domestic travellers mostly honeymooners, couples and nature lovers visiting the state, it helps in providing job opportunity to a number of self-employed individuals in the state. With the number of jobless people getting employed through tourism industry, the economic system of the state takes a step closer to development. Most of the tour packages which are organised aiming at attracting travellers from Surat, Jaipur and such cities that lack nature include destinations with vegetative importance some of the main element in which such tour packages focus includes the mountain ranges and hilltop stations in Kerala, the forest and waterfalls of the state and most unique backwater destination in Kerala which are all great examples of vegetative tourist destinations.

The mountain ranges and hilltop stations in Kerala are one of the most visited tourist destination by the domestic travellers from Surat and Jaipur. Located to the north, Surat and Jaipur being a very dry state with no or least wild or greenery the hill stations of Kerala would fascinate the visitors from such states. To south Kerala could be better said as one of the only states with a number of hill stations. The place houses a number of hill stations which includes Munnar, Idukki, and Wayanad and may more. These are the hill stations in Kerala where the domestic tourism cherishes to the maximum extent.

One of the main features that attract the travellers from Surat, Jaipur and such dry states to the hill stations of Kerala are the richness in greenery and the innumerable number of plantations which makes the hill stations of Kerala the most aromatic and fascinating. Surat and Jaipur are the destinations to the south which mostly contains historical destinations and monuments. The lack of greenery, wild and vegetation attract travellers from such destinations to the hill stations of Kerala. This is one of the main reason for the government of Kerala to promote domestic tourism by focusing on destinations like Jaipur and Surat where there are very less greenery and vegetation.

Similar to the hill stations, the forest and waterfalls of Kerala are also the well-known tourist destination which is most explored by nature lovers from both foreign and domestic states. The Kerala government to entertain domestic tourism and attract travellers from destinations including Surat, Jaipur and such states have arranged for a number of Kerala tour packages with forest and waterfalls as the min destinations. One of the main attractions of these packages is the number of adventurous and entertainment activities provided for the travellers availing the packages.

Jaipur, Surat and such destinations to the north being dry states with less greenery and forest would be greatly fascinated with the adventurous activities offered by the tourism department and the Kerala government. Some of such entertainment activities which are organised to attract the travellers from such dry cities to Kerala include forest adventures like, trekking, rock climbing, river rafting, bamboo rafting, camping, paragliding, boating and much more. With the number of domestic travellers being attracted to these offers and adventures increases the government of Kerala with the tourism department put forward a number of attractive offers as an icing on the cake.

The backwater destinations in Kerala are yet another element that attracts the domestic travellers to the land. The complex water structures and the backwater villages add up to the evergreen beauty of the land. Most of the foreign tourist visiting Kerala aims at exploring the backwater destinations in the land. To attract more domestic travellers, nature lovers and couples to the backwaters of Kerala the tourism department organised a number of campaigns and programmes that showed a positive response to which the domestic travellers from states to the north like Jaipur was attracted to a greater extent. As a result of the campaigns and different attractive events organised the rate at which domestic travellers toured to Kerala increased rapidly.

With the increasing flow of domestic tourist to Kerala, the younger generation is provided with jobs in different tourism sectors, a number of self-employed locals were benefitted and a number of uneducated and jobless were provided with job opportunities. All these changes directly affected the economy of the state. Thus with the development of domestic tourism and a number of other tourism sectors in the land, the economy of the state developed. This is one of the only reason due to which the Kerala government hold in hand with the tourism department to make Kerala one of the best most visited domestic tourist destination in India. Kerala is a state with immense natural resources and vegetative elements are now one of the hotspots for tourist visiting the southernmost tip of the country.

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