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Dream to make a difference

Posted by Rachita Sharma
December 8, 2017

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“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.” – Plato.


image credit: general_rsharma


In this highly uncertain and rapidly changing world and amidst the whole noise about hustle we forget to stop and reflect. We don’t even realize how deep we have reached into the dark abyss. So much so that we have got ourselves comfortable with the darkness. Shades and colors are important in life. But we gotta choose our own. Stop running in the same race at same pace, wearing that same jersey with everyone. Who says there is just one sky? We all have potential to build our own sky. Stop, breathe and reflect on what direction you have been walking into and where you wish to continue. Don’t be afraid of the light, as the path that will lead to your very own light may be more of struggle but that’s the way to YOUR light. Free yourself from the darkness you have been following being someone’s shadow. Courage is to know what not to fear. You have to not fear the road that leads to your dream. You need not be afraid of following the path that will lead you to the light you have always wished for. In this emotionally and socially exhausting ecosystem, dreams are the biggest motivation to keep you alive and going. Desire leads to hard work and commitment, the two essentials for success. As I always mention, priorities make a big difference. Make sure you align your decisions, allocate your resources as per your priorities. We all are here to make a difference and that doesn’t necessarily mean being “a millionaire”. It means- most importantly to make ourselves happy and proud of our choices before the journey ends. Tomorrow is uncertain. Don’t be afraid to take the risk, it is worth giving a shot to something your heart truly believes in.


Change is inevitable, we can not spend the great amount of time crying for our loses, we should be ready with a back up plan. Or else at least keep moving. Our fears are more dangerous than our dangers -Seneca. Go out and start grinding and hustling, if you won’t find then you will make your own way. The only thing that will ever stop you in your life is the fear of ‘CHANGE’. Silent sea never makes great sailors and so does risk and hurdle free life. Go out, fight hard, be innovative, carry the courage to begin it again. Not giving up is the only key that is going to open the doors to success and happiness.  Hope is a waking dream.

Go Big. Live Big. Cheers!

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