Dubai – experiencing luxury at its best.

Posted by Racheal Jones
December 21, 2017

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A little bit of history

It was the year 1833. A small group of people from the Bani Yas tribe decided to set up a village near a creek. This place soon became a well-known fishing village and a sae trade hub. But by the 19th century this port had transformed itself into a major port. The then Sheikh of Dubai decided to change the landscape of the growing city. He silted the port and ensured that it became one of the biggest in the world. With this came in even more trade.

But the true wealth came in 1966 with the discovery of the oil reserves. The Sheikh then used this to bring in the infrastructure required to spur Dubai on towards the 21st century

Visions of a thriving city

The Sheikh’s vision for a thriving city with a warm welcoming atmosphere towards expatriates, low taxes and a thriving trading centre turned Dubai into a city with one of the largest GDPs in the world. The increasing investments into creating a major tourism destination have brought in not just brands from across the globe, but have also created a world of luxury that has become synonymous with Dubai.

Experience the Luxury

For tourists who want to holiday in luxury, Dubai is the destination to go to.  From the staying in a suit literally bathed in minks and fur to partying in style, this city has it all.

  • Bruj Al Arab Jumeriah:This tops the list in the luxury experience. The golden columns, vibrant colours, gold leaf plating on articles dotting the rooms and the lush marble flooring, this hotel is a lesson in opulence. The infinity pool which seems to merge into the horizon and the hotel itself stretching into the sea, there is nothing more decedent than a stay at this hotel.
  • One & Only The Palm:This is the most secluded beach resort in Dubai. Booked all through the year, this resort has only 90 rooms, making it the most waitlisted resort in the world. The villas themselves are surrounded by gardens so lush, it will make you wonder if you are indeed in a desert. Indulgent spas offering treatments with exotic herbs, three Michelin starred restaurants and villas bathed in a dream quality, this is a must visit for a tourist.
  • Armani Prive:Going clubbing high up in the Burj Khalifa, there is nothing better than that. This nightclub is part of the Armani Hotel and features several levels where live performances and sets by famous DJ’s will ensure that you can party away in style.
  • The Dubai Shopping Festival:The biggest draw to Dubai for every tourist is this event. Luxury brands and even the lesser known ones set up shop right from the International Airport. Every mall in the city, every shop big or small participates in this event.
  • Gold everywhere:A visitor to this city cannot leave without a piece of gold. Touted to be the purest gold and with one of the lowest taxation, this makes it a must buy.

Visitors paradise

An aspiring tourist can find many Dubai holiday packages with travel agents and websites. It is a destination not to be missed and a destination to be savoured.

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