Europe on a budget: How to plan your dream Euro Tour

Posted by Trisha Williams
December 15, 2017

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Did you know that Italians can drink cappuccino only up to 11am? Disneyland in Paris is the most popular tourist place of attraction which attracts a lot of crowd especially the younger generation and the romantic Eiffel Tower is simply breathtaking, which cannot be ignored! Paris is the most sought after romantic destination and visiting Europe shall be like, entering into the paradise of our dreams. The Europe Tour Packages from India shall be a valuable asset in planning this escapade into fairyland, oozing with charm.

However, before visiting a place, a lot of planning is essential to make the trip successful. But the planning should be in a proper manner to avoid last minute hassles.

  • Decide on what all places you would want to visit:  Jott down all those places on which you have had your eye on since the time you were thinking of visiting Europe. Make a note of all the countries and cities which have intrigued you from the start. At present, do not think about the budget but only keep in mind the places. Is it the Swiss Alps or the romantic Eiffel Tower which has been topping your list since forever? Pen down your dream Euro tour places to visit.


  • Segregation: These places can be again sorted under various categories like places which you would definitely want to see, which places would be nice to visit and places which you could do without visiting also. Make a full fledged plan about the must see places on your list and see if you have sufficient money and time to spend in those places and enjoy! This is necessary to make sure no place you love is left out or your plan fails due to shortage of money.


  • Plan when you want to go: There is a particular time of the year when the climate in Europe is awesome and most tourists prefer to visit then. This is during the sunshine months of June to August. However, obviously the lodgings become costly due to more population and high demand. To avoid the shoot up in prices, visit during the September and October months. Also, you shall have the excitement within to experience the thrill of certain festivals or events which take place only during a particular time in the year. Like the Oktoberfest in Munich is significant in mid September or even the Northern Lights in the Nordic countries occurs between mid September to mid march and cannot be missed at any cost. So, plan your holiday accordingly!


  • Transportation plan: This is extremely important because it shall help in saving a lot of time and help you save up days on your trip. Because travelling can be an expensive affair. Eurail passes can be availed if your respective age is below 26 years. City to city travel is better via trains. Small Jumper planes on airlines are easy for departure to far away cities. Decide to travel by train bus or plane according to the place and respective distance or you can hop on your feet from here to there.


  • Lodgings: Now when you are in an expensive country on a limited budget, you shall take care of every little intricate detail. Accommodation is an important affair but it should be given much more importance than the places to visit or yummy eateries. So, just choose a place which is cheap but at the same time, safe and convenient. So that you do not spend much of your precious money here.


  • List of things you need to buy: Once you have made bookings of the places you want to explore, the events you want to experience, you definitely need to make a list of all the things you shall need to make your stay comfortable. Carrying too much luggage could also be a hassle! Take all required items, skip the unnecessary and try to accumulate in small bags.


  • Alert: Your electricity, phone and gas bills should not be pending while you are away. Your accounts should not be locked or your phone Sim should not be made invalid. Let your phone, bank and insurance companies know that you shall be gone and see to it that all issues are handled.


Get your visas issued, book your airline tickets and say cheers to an amazing trip ahead!

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