When Most Other Countries Have Rejected EVMs, Why Does India Still Use Them?

The Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) must be replaced across India with traditional ballot papers. Voting through ballot papers is a more reliable and transparent method for the electoral process of any country.

It is due to this fact that most countries throughout the world have wholeheartedly chosen the ballot paper system for their electoral process. People firmly believe that voting through ballot papers is transparent – an idle instrument used in the process of electoral dynamism.

Developed countries like the US, Japan, Germany, and others have rejected EVMs during elections, and have chosen the ballot system of voting. This should indicate that EVMs are not satisfactory instruments to be used for the electoral process of a country. EVMs can be hacked, but ballot papers can not.

After the completion of voting through EVMs, no one can register a complaint; on the other hand, ballot papers can provide the option to lodge a complaint for verification.

The supremacy of people’s rule is enshrined in the constitution of India, and has withstood the test of time. The people in India surely do not believe in EVMs, due to the lack of transparency and verification methodologies.

We must learn and love history, but the use of EVMs in India exposes the tactics of our policymakers. The Netherlands, after spending a large amount of capital on introducing EVMs in the country, later hasty rejected EVMs in favour ballot paper voting in 2006.

Political parties in India do not believe in the proper functioning of EVMs, and accusations of EVM tampering have been levied in many states, including, recently, in Uttar Pradesh.

Even in Gujarat, certain parties have alleged EVM tampering. The results in the Uttar Pradesh and Gujrat elections could be indicative of the faulty nature of EVMs. The BJP did not have a single Muslim candidate, but was successful in Muslim majority areas like Deoband. These things make one suspicious about EVMs.

Television channels and print media have time and again questioned the use of EVMs in different states across the country. While experts have alleged that EVMs are not satisfactory for the electoral process of the country.

To save democracy, we must introduce the ballot paper system back in the electoral process in the country.

Syed Karar Hashmi is an RTI and social activist. He is presently studying at Jamia Al Mustafa (S.A.W) International University, Qom Iran.

A version of this post was previously published here.

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