Focusing on Conspiracy against Hinduism and sufferings of Hindus in South India.

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December 9, 2017

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Historians and all secular chamchas write History books and narrate the events just to shame Vedic Hinduism. The environment created in India is that speaking Urdu is sign of being intellectual and reading Sanskrit is sign of backwardness. In Kendriya Vidhyalaya and many CBSEs schools German/French came in to replace Sanskrit as third language.

Our Historians divide India on the basis of Aryan and Dravids and write both cultures came to India from foreign land. But they are silent on Islam of Christianity and never say that these cultures were enforced which originated in desert tribes of Arabian Peninsula. All three Abraham religions- Judaism Islam and Christianity just try to capture Jerusalem to make it religious capital with their influence.

So our Historians try to give a view that Hinduism which is only pushed by Brahmins- its foreign religion, while Islam is very much part of Indian culture. Many of us view Islamic barbarism for North India point of view. Penetration of Islam from Sindh to Punjab finally came to Delhi demolished  temples of Delhi Punjab Kannuaj temples attacked Mathura etc. I just want to focus on multi-layered conspiracy of Islam and Christianity in Southern part of India.

Many poor Dalits killed by Muslims/Christians but such secular murders are not centre stage debates in Indian media.


Arab invasion through Cheraman Juma mosque

We often discuss about how Islamic invaders demolished Hindu temples and built mosques. Babri masjid built in Ayodhya by invaders or Jama Masjid in Delhi are Central part of discussion. But do we know about invasions of Islam in South India?

Cheraman Juma Mosque built in Thirssur district of Kerala is the oldest mosque in India built in 627 AD. Maybe its the oldest mosque in the world! We can safely conclude that Islamic invasion in India started even before invasion of Muhammad Bin Qasim in Sindh 712 AD. Since ancient times, trade relations between Arabia and India were active. Even before Islam had been established in Arabia, Arab traders visited the Malabar region, which was a major link between the ports of India and South East Asia. With the advent of Islam, the Arab merchants became carriers of the new religion and they propagated it wherever they went. It is said that Vatican church created Islam to win Jerusalem against Jews and Orthodox Christians who were waiting for Messiah but we will discuss this after some time.

Cherman Juma in Kerala


Ancient attacks on Hinduism in South India

Jainism and Buddhism were against Vedas. Bhadrabahu went to Karnataka and other regions as their was famine in Madha to spread religion of Jainism in South India. Earlier Ashoka also contributed to spread of Buddhism particularly in South India, Kashmir region and Sri Lanka. Their were Tamil poems written by few who praised Buddhism and opposed Hinduism. Were Brahmins too bad? Well Greek Megastheses wrote no slavery existed in India. Ajathshatru who organized first Buddhist Council was the one who killed his brothers and imprisoned his father. Ashoka had 45 wives and did enough bloodshed in Kalinga.

I am not blaming Kshatriya. Even a common foot soldier was kshatriya who always supported Hinduism. Brahmins like Nagarjuna became Buddhist and abused Hindus.

Just because Brahmins said state must spend on famine stricken regions and why Kings are busy in just counting their queens it was a plan to remove Hinduism by royal people from North to South.

Lingayat growth and movement against Vedic Hinduism.

Its strange to note that around same time a mass movement started against use of Sanskrit and division of Lord Shiva and Vishnu Bhakts. From North to South pattern of movement was similiar just like Award wapsi gang. In Karnataka a Brahmin named Basvanna started Lingayat movement in 12 century during Kalchuri dynasty rule. He made a group of staunch Shiva Bhakts. He opposed all temple rituals. Like Islam he proposed dead people should be buried. Was he trying to convert Hindus into Islam gradually?

All of you must have remembered the name of famous Anti-Hindu journalist Gauri Lankesh! She was Lingayat along with Kalburgi. They never found any bad practice in Islam but just abused Hinduism throughout their life.

Some Lingayat leaders demand that the Lingayat community must be separated from Hinduism and must be viewed as minorities. Even some leaders of Lingayat community said we must stop idol worship.


Tipu Sultan one of the biggest traitor India ever had.

Karnataka Govt of Congress always favored celebration of Tipu Jayanti. Even many Hindus of state opposed such move still super secular Govt was unmoved. In South India people may have strong affection for language but no secular leader will oppose whi King like Tipu imposed Persian and Urdu on his subjects. Why Telangana Govt under KCR is mad behind propagation if Urdu?

In the words of Ravi Varma, one of the contributors to the anthology: It was Tipu Sultan and his fanatic Muslim army who converted thousands of Hindus to Islam all along the invasion route and occupied areas in North Kerala, Coorg, Mangalore, and other parts of Karnataka. Besides over 8,000 Hindu temples were desecrated and/or destroyed by his Muslim army. Even today, one can see large concentrations of Muslims and ruins of hundreds of destroyed temples in North Kerala as standing evidence of the Islamic brutalities committed by Tipu Sultan … He was, all through, waging a cruel Islamic war against the Hindu population of Kerala, with a large Muslim army and ably assisted by the French with powerful field guns and European troops.

Father of Tipu- Haider Ali was big coward who restored all trade privileges of East India Company once taken by him. Also the theory that Tipu fought British imperialism is completely bogus. One must understand it was proxy war where British and France worked behind the scenes. Tipu acted like slaves of French masters, instead of British rule he wanted French rule in India!


Christian conversions

Christian evangelists and Islamic leaders say Hinduism is bad we treat everyone as equal just convert to our faith. After that demand for Dalit Christians/Muslim status!


Dravid movement for reform of Christian conspiracy?

The Justice Party, officially the South Indian Liberal Federation, was a political party in the Madras Presidency of British India. It was established in 1916 by TM Nair and P Thegarajan Chetty as a result of a series of non-Brahmin conferences and meetings in the presidency.  Lukhnow Session of Congress party 1916 accepted separate electorates for Muslims. Around same time Hindu division seeds are sown in Southern part of India!

The British role in the development of the non-Brahmin movement is broadly accepted by some historians.

Periyar who is projected as Ambedkar of South India hated Hinduism and loved British empire. His refusal to take part in Hindu discourses of language and his dismissal of epics like the Ramayana or Mahabharata has to be seen in this context. He critiqued Hindi and Sanskrit and rejected them for their lack of democratic and liberating potential for the masses. Equally, he was also critical of Tamil and glorification of Tamil pasts.

As regards nationalism, Ambedkar never spoke against India; Periyar, from the late 1930s, never spoke for India. That was the crucial difference between them.

Present scenario of politics in South

In Uttar Pradesh Mayawati gave too many tickets to Muslims in Vidhan Sabha elections. Mulayam Singh Yadav is affectionately termed a Mulla! Similarly in South India we have too many skull cap leaders.

Andhra Praesh CM Chandra Babu Naidu appeasing Muslims.


The idea of Tamil People/Tamil Nation was a natural progression from the seed of anti-Brahminism and it was the DMK which propagated it in the ‘60s decade as a political idea and it was the DMK which had consistently and aggressively voiced Tamil Nadu’s concerns about the political inequities suffered by Sri Lanka’s Tamil-speaking minorities; and yet, by operating through its adherents and Tamil chauvinists from within the smaller fast-mushrooming Dravidian splinter parties like the MDMK, the PMK and the Viduthalai Chiruthai (VC) the Church put the DMK on the back-foot and on the defensive. The beginning of the transformation of the DMK from a sovereign Dravidian party into a Church-reactive, defensive party had begun; only the DMK was in denial about the role of the Church in the unfolding events.

On the second occasion, the DMK because it was the ruling party in the state, had to perforce stand by the Tamil Nadu police in the police-lawyer stand-off in 2009; the government had to stand by its police officers because Justice Ibrahim Khalifullah in the Madras High Court and the former CJI K.G. Balakrishnan in the Supreme Court adopted unconscionable partisan positions on the issue; and while letting off the striking, lawless lawyers with a mild rebuke, the courts humiliated the police by holding them guilty of contempt of court.

Final Para

There are many more facts and analysis about such conspiracies against India. My only message is Hindus must not get divided on language/region, caste lines. Idea of secularism is false as Abraham religions have their devotion towards Mecca/Jerusalem and will charge against us as soon as opportunity comes. Remember secular forces always oppose Sanskrit teachings with full might as it has potential to revive Vedic Hinduism against all odds of the world.

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