Friends from opposite gender? Society says no!!

Posted by Shashwati Roy
December 7, 2017

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This topic is dedicated to my friend.

Most of the youth have an utter fear to introduce opposite gender friend to family or society, by have in mind what others would think of this truth and pious friendship. I belong to an open minded family and I have a lot of guy friends with whom I share every minute details like I share to my girl friends.

My parents never have any issues but some of my relatives and society aunties make this a lot of hushy matter. Infact I have to tackle many illogical questions like, “Aree beta You have lot of guy friends, choose any one of them to be your future fiancee”. I find it funny.

Conservative family find it hard to accept the opposite gender friendship. Boy and girl can never be friends. Some of them even apply strict rules in opposite gender friendship. Boy and a girl will always end up marrying but can never be friends.

Movies, songs, serials also end up showing that a boy and a girl can never be friends. Romantic interests starts cooking and finally end with love song.

In my personal opinion, due to this illogical facts this truthful friendship is corrupted. Society end up being thinking as a romantic friendship and starts judging. If this issue is stopped, gender bias will also come to an end.


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