Best Of The Cake: Powerful Young, Queer, Feminist Voices Of 2017 You Cannot Miss

As the year winds down, we’re taking a fond look back at some of The Cake’s stories that created the most buzz over the last 12 months. All through out 2017, we received stories that were thought-provoking, deeply personal, humorous, and outright shocking. And the best part? They came from you! Our wonderful young, queer, feminist community! That’s right, this year we saw a huge number of folks writing in about issues that matter the most to them, exploring newer and interesting subject, told in their own unique styles. And at year’s end, we were left with these 24 awesome stories!

Sexual violence can be the subtlest things. And women have to face it all the time, everywhere in the world!

Let’s hear it from the non-binary community! Because, hullo, gender is a spectrum and can’t we just respect that?

What’s it like to be queer and in the closet in small town India? This banker shares her story of triumph:

Mamma’s don’t have sex. Oh really? This book of stories, edited by American writer Brandy Fox, will change your mind forever.

With this story, take a moment to think about the lives you wouldn’t ordinarily think about, or even know existed.

Here’s what happens when queer people turn the camera on themselves. In short, it’s magic!

Welcome to the red room of pain! Or not. Basically it’s how you want it. Confused? Read on about the wilder side of sexuality:

Young poet Harnidh Kaur shares some wisdom on how to deal with that thing a quarter of all Indian women must face.

Can doodles make us question the awful things we excuse as ‘normal’ in our lives? You’ll agree once you’ve seen these!

We love us some stereotype smashing women and girls. We ain’t here for negativity, and if you are, stay salty.

Can’t bi people cut a break? Apparently not, even in 2017! But don’t take our word for it, read this:

Should a feminist eat a chicken sandwich? Here’s a story that answers a seriously tough but necessary question!

One of the most underrepresented groups from the LGBTQ community, trans men want you to get acquainted with the dos and don’ts.

Nitasha Biswas overcame several hurdles to get to where she is today, and her story can inspire all of us to work towards a world of equality.

Is the mental health care system in India capable of helping LGBTQ clients? We asked a professional who’s also queer!

Two guys and a girl? No this isn’t a sitcom plot or a punchline. A relationship between more than two partners is still a real relationship!

We’ve all heard a bunch of horror stories from hospitals, right? Well this one left us absolutely fuming.

A Wiccan priest casts an important analogy in this story about difference, love, and acceptance:

Of course it’s possible to identify with more than one label! In fact, it’s important to:

What does it mean to realise you’re not growing up to be the ‘straight’ guy you were ‘supposed’ to be?

This powerful student-made short film about transphobia and discrimination will have you holding your breath.

Homosexuality was declassified as a disorder decades ago, but what does the world of mental health care look like for queer Indians?

There are moments when you think everything is crashing down around you. But this young ‘edupreneur’ teaches us how to make the best of life.

We’re happy to announce that something rainbow this way comes – and it’s served with side of fries!

What a year! We can only wonder what 2018 has in store for us. A whole new year to explore multiple new perspectives on what it means to be, what it means to have intersecting identities, what are the ways in which we can achieve gender justice and equality. And we’re eager to hear more from you, our driven and erudite community writers!

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