Graduation, A happy or a sad thing?

Posted by Shahul Inamdar
December 22, 2017

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Once hated getting up early for college, now dying to get into it again. Once stayed up all night socialising now sometimes resting before the bed time!

Wasn’t earning but had new shoes every month, now pay cheques are all resting into bank account.

Friends replaced with colleagues, teachers replaced with managers, semester turned into Month-end’s report!

Office premises can never fill up the campus feeling we had, those staffroom meetings are still scarier than one-one meeting today with boss, the lighter the weight of the bag was becoming the heavier the weight responsibilities were filling on shoulders.

Friendship which turned into non-blood relations are now starting to slowly drift part even though with no such intentions. Today we have the costliest watches in our hand, yet fails to give time to the old friends.

Further studies, advance courses,house shifting ample of reasons to leave today in a hope that one day this all be worthy, one day when we turn upto all we would be looking at MDs,CEOs, Artists in each other.

Loneliness and depression, stress and anxiety, pressure and dealines..ask yourself, Graduation. A happy or a sad thing?


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