Hamari chhoriya chhoro se kam hai ke: Why Comparison??

Posted by Nisha Jindal
December 16, 2017

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Whenever i listen to this dialogue, the only thought that strikes my mind is ‘why, why this Comparison? 

We always compare a thing with that thing which we consider the best. Here my question is: are boys the best??  Is it so that they don’ t make any mistakes or they can do anything, surely not so why such comparison.
Movies have large viewership. They have the capability of changing thoughts of people. Instead of this dialogue any other dialogue could have been used. For e. g.  Gold toh gold hota hai wo toh koi bhi la sakta hai or main apni chhoriyon ko isko jitne ke  liye tayaar karunga..
Or any other dialogue conveying the same thing.
Although film industry is changing itself. It is making movies showing women empowerment but a complete change of mindset is required to stop such comparisons and delivery of such dialogues. 

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