Hate crime in India

Posted by Udiit Awasthi
December 21, 2017

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Basically the thing is that we are living in a country where people decide all the factors by analysing and summarising old fundamentals and ritualsml.in older days many peoples had fought with one another on the very worst or irrelevant matters that doesn’t need to be connected to the life.

If we talk about humanity or religious discrimination or something else in all the parts we get the hate percentage more than love and peace.

Everyone wants a peace but only in a particular and in self religion matter.no one is agree to share thoughts of other religions.in politics,in education system we can see in movies that how people get caught during doing such kind of things like

Bullying of disable child

One party support

Hindu Muslim

Boys and girls

So, there are many things to talk about and yeah I’m pretty sure these all includes hate factor.you may have experienced.

Hate is the oldest form in the human nature and it’ll effective the world so badly.

Hate is not the crime but the actions are taken while hating or in angriness leads to harm and illness to the society and a better community.


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