Every Man, Like Me, Should Ask Himself These Questions About Trans People

Take a coin and toss it. What do you get? Heads or tails, right? The third and the rarest probability here is that the coin can stand still. Relax, I ignored it as well. God made a world filled with symmetry. It seems that nature loves it. You have day for night, good for bad, laughter for sorrow, and finally, you have Adam for Eve. But do you have anything for this third dimension of the coin? This is a man to man talk about the transgender community. As I was rushing home from college, I came across this ‘Hijra/Chakka’. Mind you, it is not about that swear word or an abuse that we usually hurl at our beardless pals.

She was desperately begging for money. Being a differently headed head I wanted to know her tale. I was a little scared when she asked me for money. I shouted “maaf kardo” and asked my autovala to move swiftly. My anxiety reflected the compassion this world of seven billion people has for them. My apology baffled her. “For what?she replied with a peculiar disgust on her face. I was out of answers and promptly ordered the cab driver to halt there. I got down and sat there for a chat. The so-called man I am, initially felt frightened, to share a seat with this human being. We talked for around 15 minutes and her story charred my heart. Well, I am not going to talk about that. By that time I figured out that she was as human as I am. It was an inexplicable moment.

When I returned home I realized how ignorant, we the Adams and Eves of the 21st century are as a society. I typed “transgender” on Google and banged the keyboard to quench my curiosity. My limited knowledge about their life and the hardships they encounter was no better than a nursery kid. The Mughals under Akbar at least employed them in his harem. Though the ranks were definitely low, yet the amount of reverence they received is at least a benchmark to reach for most Asian countries today.

The concept of Ardhnarishwar portrays that the sanathan dharma also has wide corridors for the hijras who live the most miserable kind of life that no Adam or Eve can think of enduring. Iranian and Thai governments fund more gender “reformation” surgeries compared to the west for the transgender community, but do they have any concrete rehabilitation programs for them?

To conclude, I am leaving you, the tech-savvy googlers, with a small set of questions. Though I can answer them for you, yet I want you to realize the zeal and sentiment you behold.

What are the anatomical differences between us and them?

Where and how do they live?

What are the hardships that they face during their childhood?

What are the basic rights that they are devoid of?

Why are they so loud?

Do you know what happens to them after death?

How do they worship?

Why is HIV so rampant in this particular community?

How many Indians are belonging to this community?

Do you know even a single transgender by name?

What is section 377?

What makes them take to profanity to get things done?

How do you see them?

And the last question –

When will we, the people of India, who had solemnly resolved to be a nation without any form of injustice, inequality and intolerance, see these humans as humans?

The day you will be able to answer all these questions, you’ll change as a human and we will grow as a nation.