Posted by Rishabh Thakkar
December 4, 2017

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Prasan’s head was just 2 cms from the ground when the flashback started. He was eating his favorite dish which his mom had been working on since the morning. He was in real hurry and swallowing the food as fast as he could. His friends have been waiting for him since an hour and the movie was just about to start. His habit of not getting ready until the last moment was the devil here. His mom watching his son gulping down hot food couldn’t resist and asked him to eat slowly. Prasan ignored and kept on eating in the same manner. She again with worry told him to drive slowly because she knew how fast he drove when he was hurry but this time Prasan snapped and told her to shut up. She knew he did not mean to insult her it was just that he loved the actor whose movie he was going for and didn’t want to miss it but well shouldn’t have he thought about this when he was playing his stupid game on his mobile when she told him not 2 but 3 times that he will get late and he should get ready and eat food. She had made the food early so his son didn’t have to go for the movie on an empty stomach. But well no point of discussing it now it already was late and it would make Prasan angrier. He finished his food in less than 3 minutes but still he had to wait for his father as there was only one good helmet in the house which his father had taken to work with him. Though, it was time and his father should have been home by now but due to March end he had to work late and that was driving Prasan crazy. His mom has been telling him to get a new helmet but he was too bus roaming around with his friends and in the game while his father had the March ending. Impatiently he called his father for the 5th time and this time he asked him with anger if he was coming or not but his father patiently replied he was stuck in traffic and will be home in 10 minutes. He was getting uneasy, his friend were calling him one after another. He lost his patience and took off without the helmet. His mother shouted “beta, wait for 5 mins take the helmet and go” but prasan ignored and didn’t slow down. Seeing this his mother shouted louder “At least drive slow “ but he was off. And as soon as he left his father arrived and seeing him go commented “always in hurry, look how fast he goes couldn’t he wait for 5 minutes.” And defending his son his mom spoke “couldn’t you take out 5 minutes and bring him a new helmet.” The conversation ended there his father knew he couldn’t win against his son in front of his mother. He was driving the black active which was his birthday gift 6 months back on 50 then it went to 60 but he had to stop at 60 because increasing the speed would cause water running from his eyes which he hated. He thought he wouldn’t have to worry about that if he had the helmet only if his father was on time. His friend called again but this time the anger of his father was poured on his friend and he was cursed badly and told not to call again he will be there in 5 minutes max. Just then a signal arrived and the traffic light was going to turn red. He had no choice but to increase his speed to 70 so that he could cross the signal before it turns red and so he did. But due to his eyesight stuck on the signal he couldn’t see the car coming in from right and ‘boom’ he crashed and went flying 10 feet above the ground and then back on the ground and when his face was 2 cms from the ground he realized his mistake but it was too late.

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