love destructed in humans

Posted by Gnana Priya
December 14, 2017

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where has all the love gone? That people gave me hope of while I was growing up.
when did this word LOVE become irrelevant to utter in front of elders or people you respect ?ironic because elders love us more. im not talking about the girl boy love that you’re thinking of with shrinked brows. but the one we share with out planet mates which is extinct.Even now I miss how our maid used to love me for who I am and didn’t want me to change anything for the immense love she gave, that’s the kind of love im craving is an exception to anything , as in you don’t have to be angry if it’s over love. love is the feather that gravity refuses to pull down. But it’s lost in the midst of fear and insecurity. Fear prevails and love is deteriorating . this is scary and rips me inside out . Love exists in every little move. smiling at a stranger or giving up your favorite food for a friend. but these days even the security at my place doesn’t smile back . this is confusing and I cannot comprehend. Is this fear? fear of what? losing something, but what? faking is the new cool but being polite is considered either as flirting or signals something fishy. Love every move and breathe till you live. ignore the negatives that people say but don’t stop loving them . learn to forgive, after all it’s love and it’s beautiful. Please understand Love isn’t a corrupted word . we all know love is invisible but what if it disappears one day when you’re​ in deep sleep? what’s the point of living?Remember, love every soul around you , your neighbor’s pet, the stranger that gives you a seat on the bus and everyone. above all, just as God says, love your enemies ❤

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