How An Indian Is Celebrating The Essence Of India In America

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December 13, 2017

Meet Purnima Nath, an Indian-born, Milwaukee-based entrepreneur and engineer with an extensive corporate background in strategy, management and delivery. She comes from Tripura, the majestic state of northeast India. She has proudly represented the northeast, ever since she set foot outside the nation for higher education.

In 2013, she founded Spindle India, Inc, for economic growth by promoting diversity, culture and inclusion. Extremely passionate about community and socio-economic development, she served in many non-profit organizations in a volunteering capacity before founding Spindle India ,Inc, where she has been the chairperson and president since 2013.

Purnima Nath – founder and president, Spindle India, Inc

While introducing Spindle India, Inc to the world for the first time in 2013, Purnima said, “This is a non-profit, non-political organization that will bridge the gap between the taste of India and the US, resulting in the strengthening of the communities through culture and heritage.” The organisation started its journey in Wisconsin. To clarify the aim of her organization, Purnima added, “We believe diversity has become the blood of globalism.” She has contributed significantly to bringing India’s cultural essence to another country.

IndiaFest Milwaukee is another feather in her cap. It is also a reminder of her continuous efforts as a part of Spindle India, Inc. IndiaFest is an annual celebration where people, irrespective of their nationality, participate to enjoy the glory and essence of Indian culture and heritage.

According to reports, IndiaFest is supposed to be the biggest and only celebration of Indian culture in Wisconsin. Purnima said that she wishes to glorify and weave a multicolored cultural relationship with her roots.

IndiaFest is an all-day program – where events like the hoisting of the Indian national flag, classical dances, music, showing off Indian clothing, rangoli, mehendi and Indian instruments take place. Indian dishes are also available at the event.

This year, Purnima concluded the event by saying, “We will make an ocean of goodness, with tiny drops of good intentions – one drop at a time.”

The flag-hosting

Recently, on her birthday, this year, she raised a fund for helping the people of northeast India – as she believes that the region has been neglected for the longest time, whether it be healthcare, education or infrastructure. Spindle India, Inc now focuses on the education of underprivileged children.

Here are some foreign nationals who are continuously encouraging Purnima and her efforts :

1. Chris Abele, a Milwaukee County Executive said: “IndiaFest is a part of the great local tradition of celebrating and showcasing the diverse cultures and heritages that make up our community. Whether it’s sampling delicious food, enjoying dances and live music or simply meeting friendly people and may be learning something new, there is something for everyone at IndiaFest.”

2. John T Chisolm, a district attorney, said: “I want to support your community because of the civic contributions you make in many areas of economic development, education and public health – to name just a few. We would like to see your efforts grow and be highlighted in all the other important festivals. We also welcome the opportunity to increase our chances of learning more about the proud traditions and contributions of your great community.”

3. Steven V Ponto, the mayor of Brookfield, said: “IndiaFest is a rich tradition of ethnic festivals in southeast Wisconsin. We have a growing population of people with Indian heritage – and I personally appreciate the emphasis which that heritage places on education. I believe this is because of the strong emphasis the Indian culture places on education and parental involvement in the learning process.”

4. Dr Ausaf Sayeed, the Consulate General of India, said: “The day-long programme showcased an extraordinary display of Indian art, culture and cuisine. Such festivals bring about a greater unity and understanding about India –  not only in the Indian diaspora here, but also among local communities. I congratulate Ms Purnima Nath for her extraordinary efforts in celebrating IndiaFest in Milwaukee.”