How to consolidate AAP volunteers in India at various States?

Posted by Rao Ajay Yadav
December 17, 2017

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Amalgamation among of AAP volunteers is necessary who are in the form of humanists and Diviners to enlighten human population for diversity.

The prevailing environmental degradation, graft and corruption are suspending biodiversity indefinitely since Independence at various geographical regions in India and retain raw and violent characters in civilization. Tolerance is the measure of civilization. The enlightenment and biodiversity requires unanimous amalgamation among human population on issues and values.

Therefore, humanists and Diviners are needs to be sewed together to consolidate volunteers in respective states at India as Indians are missed the chances of diversity in the past.

The humanist and Diviners at Delhi are psychologically sewed by Shri.Arvind Kejriwal and his team by using true statements as thread which transformed Delhi population on conscious thinking of subject into object while hearing the true statements in public and at Mohalla Sabha. The delivered true statement in public and at Mohalla Sabha by Aam Aadmi Party is consolidated Delhi citizens and won election to form government and enlightening population via health, education and providing food and shelter.

The sewing nature and bond between humanist and Diviners via exchange of true statements in dialogues is not only enlightens human population and it developing secularism apart from winning elections like throwing one stone and get two mangoes .

But, how to consolidate humanist and Diviners who are raw at various states In India where the truth is struggles to reach reality due to prevailing gigantic volume of graft, corruption and environmental degradation in those states? Humanists are mostly from heterogeneous social groups and rational creature and act with his/her own intellect without the aid of the senses and voluntarily resolve public grievances. These volunteers accept various mythologies in conscience for amalgamation and diversity.

Diviners are copycats and mostly from homogeneous social groups and act on sound judgment of hearing with faith without the aid of intellect and Involuntary to resolve public grievances. The raw diviners from homogeneous social groups are at larger scale in population wise due to lack of diversity in corrupt sociopolitical environment and win elections in many states by following different dogmatic idealism inhibited by emotional senses and not on moral urges. But, the moral urge and humanist’s ratio is found to be very low ,idle and limited among heterogeneous social groups and struggle in consolidating AAP volunteers at many states.

The author’s innovative idea of preparing and delivering true statements pertaining to particular Geographical region via public and at Mohalla Sabha meetings shall consolidate volunteers of humanists and diviners without fail in fight against graft, corruption and communalism to reach power.

It is innovative and wise to establish Humanists as convener and treasures from diviners at all states in India to consolidate the AAP structure from top to bottom in chain reaction. It is the responsibility of AAP regional and state conveners, senior Aapians and humanists from heterogeneous social groups to bond psychologically with diviners’ held in homogeneous social groups via dialogues with true statements to transform their conscious thinking of subject into object for consolidation.

The consolidation and solidarity among AAP volunteers of humanists and diviners via periodic meetings, Mohalla Sabha and seminars shall realize Pragmatic idealism, transparency and secularism among human population for diversity.

Universe is psychologically consolidated in human consciousness without any joints where life forms live together with differences to identify colors, movements and positions of the objects in cosmos to improve human wisdom. Human wisdom exercise, experience and practice pragmatic idealism, transparency and secularism for biodiversity in cosmos without fail.


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