How To Fight Election The Indian Way

With several elections happening every year, this year it is the time for the most anticipated election since the general election of 2014 – the Gujarat state elections.

Out of all the Indian states, Gujarat has become the epicentre of attention, and all eyes are set on its state election because it was the very ‘Gujarat Model’, on which the party that fought the general elections – has formed the government at the centre. The vote share that they will garner at the end of this election ‘circus’, will validate the legitimacy of ‘Gujarat model’.

But what interests me here is the ways adopted by the ruling elite to hold on to their territory. So I have jotted down some points here for aspiring politicians (young people who have family ties with political parties, who could have politics as a back up career) about how to do elections the Indian way.

Never Talk About Public Grievances

Malnourishment , electricity , water ,education , jobs, economy, gender justice, women safety, etc. should not be addressed. They are not so important, so what should they talk about these issues?

Talk About Religion

Whether you wear orange or green, endorse your colour. Even ask other contenders if they belong to the majoritarian religion of the state – because what else pleases today’s voter other than religion?

Never Talk About Your Policies

When you have done too little to fulfill your promises of development, do not talk about it. So what should you do ?

Blame Everything On Predecessors

If your policies have failed terribly, than blame it on your predecessors – tell people what they did and what you did. Nobody really cares, so problem solved.

Market Your Background

If you have emerged from an economically weaker class, tell people what your father did for a living ,what your mother did, and tell people that you are worthy of their vote – because you were poor, not because what you did for welfare of people who came from weaker sections of society.

Use Insults thrown At You Positively

If somebody threw an insult at you, bravo! That is your winning ticket. You can use that insult directed at you, and relate it to the voters and show as if that insult was meant for demeaning them .

Take Help Of Fake News

Because what Facebook, Whatsapp and Twitter say is the absolute truth.

And the last the masterstroke –

Bring Up Pakistan

What derails an average Indian voter more than anything else, other than our frenemy neighbor Pakistan? If you are able to prove that the other competitors have their loyalties elsewhere, you surely stand a chance.

So these are the few must dos which are your elixir to power in Indian politics.

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