How To Find a Job in Singapore?

Posted by Daisy Rowley
December 6, 2017

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Even in these hard-hit recession period, Singapore has done well to bounce back its economy from a contraction of 12% in the first quarter of the year to the expanded 20% in the second quarter of this fiscal year. This expanded economy will indeed help to increase the number of jobs available in the city state.

Job seekers in Singapore will find it indeed quite convenient to look for jobs. Job availability can be acquired through multiple sources, be it the traditional or modern ways. Employers are also helping this cause by advertising their jobs through several mediums, instead of just one. This will help them interview several more applicants, in hopes of getting the right person suited to the job.

State-run newspapers offer recruitment pages for employers to post up ads for their jobs at a relatively low price. The Straits Times, Singapore primary English newspaper, has a whole pullout called Careers or Recruitment published daily along with its news and entertainment sections. The jobs are conveniently separated by job types and job scopes; hence, job seekers can simply focus on their specific job skill and seek a career in it. Job scopes in The Straits Times consist of basically everything and offer a complete range of jobs. Range includes the more common sales executive to the not-so-everyday job of a pest buster.

Besides The Straits Times, its sister publication of language specific newspapers like the Lianhe Zaobao for the Chinese populace, the Berita Harian for the Malay community and the Tamil Murasu for the Indian community also offer advertisement space for employers to put up jobs for job seekers. Though not as comprehensive as The Straits Times, those who have difficulty verbalizing and reading in English can find a job in these newspapers.

It is indeed the sign of the times. Job seekers are now finding it even easier to get a job, be it temporary or permanent through the means of the Internet. There are now more and more employment websites up and running and finding a job is as easy as typing in a specific job into a search box and with a click of a Search button, various positions in that specific job scope will be filtered and shown on your monitor.

In Singapore, employment website giants like and have been so increasingly popular, these websites have expanded well into the region, tapping into the job employment market in neighboring Malaysia, Philippines and even India. This shows that even in a recession period, employers are still out in considerable numbers employing, a sign of better times to come despite the still-fragile global market.

A quick check on these employment website giants show that employers in the pharmaceutical, construction and food and beverage industry are out in force looking for long term permanent employees. This shows that the global pandemic of Swine flu is ironically opening up job applications in the tropical city. The considerable number of job openings in the construction industry shows the developing state of Singapore, with its huge plans in the works, mainly the two integrated resorts In Marina and Sentosa, the demolition of the National Stadium and its plans to build the new sports hub and its reconstruction of Orchard Road, revamping the look of the shopping haven. The almost completed integrated resorts are boosting the job openings in the food and beverage industry.

Armed with the right qualifications, it is relatively easy to seek and begin a career in Singapore, even in these bleak periods with the economy downturn and the global outbreak of Swine flu. Hence, if you are indeed looking for a job, arm yourself with a copy of today’s newspaper and have the power of Internet in your fingers and you are well on your way to find yourself a job in the tropical city of Singapore.

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