How to Get the Cheapest Flight Tickets This Winter

Posted by Misha Mehra
December 25, 2017

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Finding cheap airline tickets is a big task for anyone and everyone. Be it a traveller or a regular person. Now that it is winter, everybody plans vacation trips for New Year or Christmas. And this very time, the ticket prices hike off the roof. Here are a few money saving tips for this season which will help you avail flight tickets for a cheaper price.

1. Place.

If your desired vacation destination has no direct flights, you’ve got to travel via two airports. Try choosing a smaller airport in this scenario. Most of the high end airline choose a busier airport thus resulting in higher price of the air tickets. The more the demand, the higher the price.

2. Book your tickets in advance.

You need to consider time as the major aspect when you want to book tickets for a lesser price. Booking your tickets in advance can help you get flight tickets for a cheaper price. As this season has a lot of chaos and bookings at the very moment, getting your seats reserved a few months prior helps you save your bucks! Another tip is to avoid booking your tickets during the afternoon or evening as this time has more bustling crowd and the rates go high. You can opt to fly early morning or late night. Even the mid-weeks have lesser rush and this may help you get your seat booked at a comparatively cheaper price.

3. Refund.

Try getting a refund if the flight fares go down. You might always not get one, but you can at least try. Many airline companies have different policies. Some support refund while some don’t. But an attempt towards refund doesn’t make you any small

4. Get flexible.

If you stay around an airport or two, try checking the fares for both the airports. You might end up getting different rates on both. The cheaper fare you discover, the way is paved for you! Also, try experimenting with dates. Shift your itinerary by a day or two and you could get a lot of difference in your flight fares!

5. Friendly Airlines.

When it comes to airlines, you should try maintaining consistency when you travel to places. Try getting familiar with your airline program and thus you can avail yourself with better quality services and discounts as well. Once you get linked with a particular airline company, you stay updated with their latest offers on flight tickets, contests and occasional discounts. In this way, you end up saving money on your tickets! This winter season go for saving up your money on travelling and instead spend more for your loved ones without putting a pressure on your budget.

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