How to Make Money Being a Writer

Posted by Howard Roberts
December 25, 2017

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Education, work and other life activities have greatly transformed people’s way of living. The strive for a career and academic success has influenced individuals to focus on several activities relating to academics, work, social and family at the same time. As a result, individuals have been overwhelmed by these activities which have forced them to seek assistance from others at a price. It has become a common thing amongst busy or lazy learners to source assistance from individuals who can spare time to complete assignments and blogs for them. Additionally, institutions have come up with ways of sourcing writers to market their business. The demand for writers has increased, which has increased opportunity for learners and other individuals from across the borders to obtain an online source of income by being writers. Today, there are several platforms that a writer can earn an income from.

Write for Popular Blogs

In the recent times, blogging has become a major source of income for so many people. The evolution of technology and introduction of social media has greatly influenced how information is passed. Popular blogs have developed, and the need for more writers to provide interesting and relevant content has increased. To promote their blogs, most of the organizations seek writers to satisfy their needs. Several of the bloggers with a large internet following and readers started small, and their good content has won them a large following over time. The possibility to obtain reader feedback has greatly influenced the positive growth of these popular blogs. Therefore, if you have an interest in blogging and you are afraid to start your own blog, writing for popular blogs can give you a good platform to gain experience and improve your writing skills as you earn an income.

Write Essays for Students

Over the past years, education advancement has been greatly upheld by individuals of all ages. Several individuals with businesses, family among other duties have gone back to advance their education. Further, some students might be lazy or working part-time to finance part of their tuition fees or upkeep. As a result, most have had limited time to complete their school work on time. Such students have found it easier paying someone to complete their coursework. To satisfy this demand, you can write essays for these students either part time or full time to earn income. Although it might require spending a lot of time researching and typing these essays, the income is reasonably good. On the internet, there are numerous platforms such as Ok Essay such hire professional writers and send them orders from students from all over the world. Several individuals have transformed writing essays into an income generating activity that has resulted in writing organizations that have created more jobs and income for the proprietors and their employees.

Promote Your Own Blog

Besides writing for popular blogs or writing essays for students, you can venture into promoting your own blog. It might not be easy at first, but over time and as your writing skill merges with what most readers prefer, reasonable income will start streaming in your way. You can begin by opening an account free of charge or at some cost with word press or any other host. You can blog monthly, weekly, daily or as often as you like. Select a topic of your interest, and in due time, you will be able to attract a reader following. In case your blogs get to earn a large following, Google Ads can be featured within your blogs which will earn you additional income.

Join Websites for Freelancers

There are so many freelancer websites today. Joining individuals who have an interest in writing can encourage you greatly to venture into writing. Experienced freelancers have great real-life stories and experiences that can encourage you to venture into writing for money. So many of the freelancers started at unimaginable levels, but today they are earning an income that they can proudly appreciate. Everything good in life is achievable through interest, self-discipline, commitment, patience, and practice, and writing is no different. Mentorship and sharing with other experienced and non-experienced freelancers can positively develop your interest in writing of all forms. Progressing as a writer greatly calls on your commitment and interest to learn from and get mentored by the most experience. It does not mean that all freelancers experience the same kind of challenges, but be aware that the road to a writer’s success is rough and bumpy prepares you to tackle all the challenges that come your way.

Writing is a skill anyone can learn and perfect. You do not have to be a very good writer to start writing. You do not need to wait until you can have your own writer account to start writing, you can start by writing for others who own an account as you get mentored. After the guidance by the experienced, you can open your own account and start writing. To start, all you need is internet connectivity, computer, smartphone, tablet or any gadget that can enable you to type and post your content for the public access. You can start today since the process only needs you to sign up.

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