How to Make Your First Year of College a Pleasant One

Posted by Amanda Snow
December 28, 2017

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How to survive college

Do you feel happy and excited about your new step in life – entering college? Of course, you are! Especially after passing a bunch of exams! Probably you are also a little bit worried about the first classes, people, and atmosphere overall since all your school merits aren’t taken into account anymore. Well, no need to lose heart! The five tips presented in this article will help you to overcome your fear during your freshman year and get used to university life faster.


  • Be open


After going to college, you’ll meet hundreds of new people who either will study with you or live together in the same dormitory. Get in contact with them since you will spend much time together and could become really good friends in the future! Moreover, they could help you out with studying as well! Remember, people play a substantial role in our life, and they make us belong and feel like at home. More than anything else.


  • Explore the area


It would be great to get to know the main (if not all) places in your college surroundings during your freshman year. You can discover some important facilities as well as secret places. Bring your roommate or any colleague with you to make the tour merrier!


  • Be organized


Don’t forget to check your studying plans including all the exam or paper deadlines. Moreover, you can start using a notebook or any application for saving all the info. It’ll become your habit and may be helpful to you at your future job. So, keep that in mind!


  • Cook something


We understand that you used to eat delicious food prepared by your parents. Unfortunately, they aren’t here to help you. So, start with easy recipes and move on to the harder ones. Maybe, in the end you’ll change your specialization and become a chef? We’re kidding, of course! Just try to eat healthy food and prepare something from time to time.


  • Be active


It concerns both your academic and social life. Try to show excellent results but don’t forget that there are so many opportunities apart from studying. Search for diverse clubs, sports communities, volunteering so your life isn’t dull! Plus, you’ll meet new people! Remember what we’ve told you about people previously?

We hope you’ll take these five tips into consideration before going to college. Enjoy your freshman year as well as all the following years in college. It’s a precious time during which you’ll find amazing people, gain necessary knowledge, and valuable experience!

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