How Your Volunteering Efforts Could Safeguard The Basic Rights Of Children In India

For most people, their childhood is the best time of their lives. It is the time when kids play and learn while being as they are. No kid would want to bear the excruciating pain of hard work during this phase of life. Unfortunately, kids in underprivileged societies are forced to live miserable lives. From a very young age, underprivileged children engage in laborious activities to support their families and to earn a living for themselves. Their tough schedule prevents them from enjoying their lives.

If you love kids, and teaching and helping them towards a better life makes you feel accomplished, then meeting with the underprivileged slums kids could be a great start to your volunteer travel in India. Upon your interaction with the local kids, you will learn about their miseries.

Teach For India

Teaching would probably be a good start in making a difference. These underprivileged kids do not have any personal space to enjoy. They do not have toys to play with, or a library to read storybooks. They are forced to grow up early and make a living when they should be going to school.

How You Can Make A Difference in the Lives of Underprivileged Children

If you become a part of a volunteering project in India, you can take part in establishing a recreational learning centre for these children. You could fill in the space with necessary materials that can allow them to be productive and engage in different activities. You could render your volunteering services in inculcating practical life skills among children. A main room, a washroom, a kitchen, and a reading room could work well to meet the needs.

As part of a group of volunteers, you can render teaching services for these kids. A dedicated teacher and may be an assistant or two is all that is needed to run the center aptly.

Types Of Services You Can Engage In

  • You can teach music, dance, and arts.
  • You can hold curricular activities, including debates.
  • You can hold hygiene and nutrition sessions to inculcate healthy eating and cleanliness habits among the children.
  • You can plan an adventurous trip to local parks and zoos.
  • You can organize movie nights.

You can also reach out to various sponsors to offer you the financial aid you need, that could help you advance your plans.

You can begin your volunteer venture by going through a list of volunteering projects here. They guide you comprehensively and answer all your volunteering needs.

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