Human is near you – Don’t Feel alone

Posted by Dharaa Patel
December 13, 2017

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I have started a blog to point out cultural norms which is the strong hurdle on the way of women empowerment.  I am high lighting couple of issues through my initiative.

Here’s the link to know about it more and my initiative and to know more such incidents.

I am planing to start video campaign as well for this as it may manage to grab more attention. (It will be unique for sure, I have made script almost)

My second initiative is about to create awareness of  Mental Health. After witnessing the situation of patients of depression / Anxiety , I have started to raise awareness about Mental Health as it’s still a taboo. We leave the person on his situation rather helping him.

We are second largest populated country but if we are failed to take care of each other , it’s of no matter.  I have created platform where anybody can share a problem , can speak up whatever in their mind and we will try best to counsell them.  At least we will make them realise that they are not alone. There are lots of Humans around.

We  arrange meet up as well and I met with a people whose story shakened us. A girl is suffering with Anxiety since 6 years and her family apply black magic on her. She is being molested , she is being abondon by family and she is being provided wrong medication by Pshyciatrist and it had put her in worst.   She met with us and felt Human around and now ready to fight back to accept life.

I am posting the link of my initiative here.


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