Humanity Murdered Over Religion

Posted by Shreyas Pande in Politics
December 12, 2017

This whole incident of a young man being hacked to death by another young man and the event being recorded on a phone, is one of the many punches to show how the troubled times we live in.

We kill over marriage. We kill over someone eating something. We kill over a praying place. And what do all of these incidents have in common? Religion, isn’t it?

But religion doesn’t say that you go about killing anyone? Just like that! It’s the wrong interpretation. Its the hate speeches that were given that destroy the mindset of people and when that happens a brutality comes out, and it has now too. By killing someone, you are not proving your faith towards God. You are becoming a demon.

And to ensure that such attacks don’t happen again (cause there are high possibilities in these times) we have to stand up as ‘everyone’ is silent and sleeping. Some are applauding what he did as if implying a repetition of more such incidents is underway. And we are silent. Is this done?