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i am hindu, fighting against hate Crime

Posted by Shashwati Roy
December 9, 2017

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My friend is committed to a guy who is caring and gentle and look upto me like his own sister. But when he introduce himself as a pious Muslim guy, people start to judge and see him as a violent and cruel and envy him. My friend’s family is a “kattar hindu” and she is always in dilemma about her future with her boyfriend and afraid as may his life get in stake. Love jihad is huge issue. Let’s talk about small issue which seems to be quite illogical.

Infact, Muslim family give their daughter’s hand to Hindu family but Hindu family have issues.

We three friends went to search for a flat, where we were kept asked the same question “Is anyone of you Muslim? We don’t give flat to Muslims.”. Why don’t any Muslims ask “Are you Hindu?”. Every Muslim families whomever I met they always treat Hindu with respect. Why don’t we can?

Many Hindu family still now don’t eat or drink when they visit Muslim house. People forgot that before Independence Hindus and Muslims wer brothers. In my personal opinion, Muslims keep their house and keep themselves cleaner than many Hindus. It means Muslims should also not eat at Hindus house. But they respect.

Any Hindu family eat non veg, it will be either chicken or mutton. But if Muslim eat non veg, he will be thrashed and will be accused without even checking that he is consuming cow’s meat. He will be lynched and it will be recorded and made as a WhatsApp entertaining video.

I am speechless and sometimes very angry when I see my Muslim friends, family, getting accused of illogical facts and behavior. It is said pen is mightier than words. Maybe every article make change in people’s heart.


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