Importance Of Mobile Phone Signal jammers In Modern World

Posted by Pshira
December 21, 2017

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The unauthorized blocking of signals to cell phones in an area is a serious crime and the person can be fined and sent to jail. In western countries, there is a blanket ban on installing a mobile phone signal jammer at public place.  This issue often leads to the security concerns of the people residing or employed in the area.

In such countries, jammers are considered as a case of theft because the person or business which has paid for the service can face multiple issues.   Its business productivity can fall or a client deal can go in favor of its competitors. 

 But in India, the uses of a Mobile phone signal jammers have been permitted by Government in certain situations and distinct locations.  But for that, you have to seek the proper permission from the authorities.

 Here are five places in India where the use of signal jammers has been allowed by Government of India:

  1. The Cell phone jammers can be installed in jails to check criminal activities carried out from prison using mobile phones. Last year, jammers were installed in the district jail in Muzaffarnagar at a cost of Rs three crore. The move came after several mobile phones were seized from the jail. According to jail officials, there were complaints that inmates were making calls to carry out criminal activities from the jail premises. The use of mobile phone signal jammer was allowed in jails as previously the secrets of the jail were leaked to the outside which created chaos all over.
  2. The cell phone jammers can also be used inside religious places to allow devotes to worship peacefully. When cell phones buzz inside a religious place, the concentration of worshippers is lost. But the range of a Cell phone jammer should be limited to the premises of the worship places only.
  3. The cell phone jammers can also be allowed inside exam centers where there are chances that students can misuse their Smartphones for copying or cheating in the exam. Even some staffers make use of the cell phones to leak papers.
  4. The mobile phone signal jammers are installed in high-security areas to prevent miscreants from misusing the cell phones to disrupt law and order.
  5. In the case of a riot or communal tension, the authorities make use of Cell phone jammers to prevent further disruption to the peace.  Moreover, in a situation like this, miscreants use cell phones and Wi-Fi to spread rumors. The rumors can further aggravate the already tense situation.  

Not just in India, multiple nations has admitted to use jammers to secure the personal information of the people as well as government officials. Mobile phone jammers are becoming a crucial means in the security of the data of a company or person.

Concluding, jammer can play a vital role in the safekeeping of official information whether corporate or personal. Make sure that you are authorized to use the jammers before getting one for yourself.

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