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Independence in real means

Posted by Vipin Vajpai
December 23, 2017

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“swachh paryavaran,saman adhikar,mahilaon ka samman yahi h swatantrata ki asli pehchan”                                                                  Independence means  free from all support or any dependence from other country or people. We all know that Independence Definition is if a country has or gain Independence,it has its own government and is not ruled by any other country. There are many countries who gains Independence and who free from all controls of other country like India,korea,bahrain and many other countries who gain Independence. There are many people’s like mahatma Gandhi who give their life for Independence of our country. In past time we gain Independence but now time we are not independent from many things like:   1. Independence for women’s:-  Today’s women is better than men in any field. The mindset of society change for women’s but there are many people’s in our society who thinks women’s are not equal like men’s. His mentality is not so good for women’s. This cause rape,his innocence is cheated by some religious Baba’s. If we change our mentality about women’s, if we respect women’s ,we will achieve Independence one day.   2. Independence for minority:- Minority is equal to majority. But our society not give equal rights to minority. They think all things like education, government jobs is all for majority. If we take steps to give equal rights to minority, we will get Independence one day.  3. Independence from religious discrimination:- independence from religious discrimination is very important for society. Religious discrimination is not good for society. We all are equal , Education for all,no discrimination based on religion in any area are some steps for Independence for religious discrimination. 4. Independence from Gandgi:- Independence from Gandgi is very important for our society. It is very dangerous for our society. If we take some steps like cleanlines,neatness  we will free from Gandgi and we will independent one day. 5. Independence from poverty:- Independence from poverty is very important for Independence. We are living in 21 century but the level of poverty is still increasing. This is dangerous for our society. If we take some steps like  ‘education for all’ we will achieve Independence from poverty. 6. Independence from corruption :- corruption is virus of our society. It is bad for our society like Commonwealth games corruption,2g corruption etc.if we take some steps for stop these types of corruption we will independent one day.                 if we take all these steps for Independence we get Independence in real means.if we change our mindset for women’s, if we take steps for religious discrimination,if we take steps for swachta, if we take strict steps for stop corruption, one day we will independent in real means.                                         (Keep respect women’s, keep independent).                                      (Vipin vajpai)

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