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India is progressing! Really?

Posted by Bhoomika Narayana
December 22, 2017

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“It’s wrong to hate. It always has been wrong, and it always will be wrong. ”

The homespun meaning of hate crime is when a person or a group target someone for their colour, sexual orientation, ethnicity etc., typically involving violence.

Hate crimes have been evolved from the ancient civilization. It gradually gained popularity in the recent times. Primarily, crime itself is unacceptable to the world, and hate crime stands out to be the worst form of evil. One has no right to take away someone’s life as per their interpretation of one’s religion, appearance etc., whatsoever for that matter. Taking India into consideration specifically, hate crimes have ascended in the recent years. The unfortunate  hate crimes  that quaked the human mindset were in 2015-16-17:

1: Hate crimes with regard to cow slaughter.

2. North Eastern students studying at New Delhi were beaten up to death for his appearance and also as he hailed from North east.

3: Kalburgi and Gowri Lankesh murder

4: Tension around the release of PADMAVATI. It isn’t a crime, but the threat surrounding over the release is nothing less than the hate crime.

5: An old Muslim man was burnt alive (Loathing for Islam)

6: A young couple who eloped from their village, the boy was murdered because he was a  DALIT.

And it goes on, I can name a few more, but I’ll be extremely shameful about my country ! It is bitter to know that hate crime is the new norm in India. I strongly agree that hate crimes have been so normal that they are occupying the sub headlines rather than headlines in bold letters. This shows like how they are being stated like any other everyday news.

I feel that when god made all of us, he made no discrimination. 150-200 years back then it were we humans with pure indiscrimination who discriminated ourselves with the name of caste, religion, color etc .Now when we have already discriminated ourselves why kill a person or people don’t fall into the perceived membership of a certain social group or race specifically in India hate crimes are motivated by religion and caste.

Hence when we ourselves ie man kind has created this bigotry we as a people friendly nation should provide a permanent death sentence to it!

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