Indian Men

Posted by Harsh Singh K
December 23, 2017

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Husband and wife in a court room

Wife – Your Honor I want a divorce from my husband.

Judge – Although it’s personal but it’s really important for me to know the reason behind this.

Wife – This man can’t fulfill my demands.

Husband – Can I say something?

Judge – Wait you’ll have your chance.

Judge(To wife) – But you had a love marriage with this guy standing over there.

Wife – Yeah so? does it matter?

Judge – yeah it is your memo over here says that you both were in relationship for three years before getting married.

Wife – I don’t know why are you asking these questions sir, I can’t find them relevant here.

Judge – So I am saying why did you married the guy who can’t fulfill your needs. I guess you knows these things before marriage.

Husband – Can i say something your honor?

Judge – Will you shut up sir, you’ll speak when i want you to speak.

Wife – Before marriage it was different, I got whatever i ask.

Judge – Yes sir now you speak.What you wanna say.

Husband – Can you ask her where is my Credit card.

Judge – Mam?

Wife – It’s with me

Husband – Can you ask where is my ATM card?

Wife – It’s with me

Husband – I work in a MNC(Multi National Company) and i earned some good amount. But on 10th of every month day on which my monthly salary is credited,she takes out whole money and I had to ask her for my basic needs.

Wife – I am your wife . What’s yours is mine too.

Husband – I am giving you everything i have.

Wife – Get me more money.

Husband – You are wasting our money on shit. You have hell number of clothes but still you have to buy those expensive ones every month.

Wife – I love shopping, i can’t help myself with that.

Husband – How are we gonna buy our own house in this city of we don’t have any savings.

Wife – That’s not my problem. Work hard, get a promotion ,earn more by doing side business. I am your wife and it’s your duty to fulfill all my demands.

Husband – Speechless

Judge – Okay, as i can see the situation here, mam you can’t compromise and want a divorce from this man. So i am granting both you divorce.

Wife – Thank you sir

Husband – Sir that’s alright but i want to say something else.

Judge – Yes

Husband – We were married for past three years, so now i want all my money back which she has taken from me.

Wife – Speechless and staring at him.

Judge – Sorry sir I can’t help with you that. you had ask me for the divorce and i have granted that, now if you want your money back you can fire a new case against her asking for your things. After all it’s your right.

Husband – it means we will back here soon.

So what do you think who’s fault it is?


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