Posted by Nayan Gupta
December 24, 2017

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I am not writing this piece of article not only for its publication on the ‘Youth Ki Awaaz’ website but there is a reason behind my writing of the article.

Many of the citizens of urban areas are aware about the critical conditions that women have to face during their 5 days of periods. These days don’t seem  normal for the rural areas but unfortunately,the most painful time that they have to pass through because of the lack of facilities that are not provided but found by the women. Menstruation cycle is one of the natural biological phenomena that take place in a women’s body but it is astonishing to read and watch ways that are created by society that tag this process as ‘impure’, ‘cursed’ and moreover, forces women to leave every basic right that they deserve such as right to education which is possible by attending school, the right to have whatever food material they would like which is restricted by the taboo that states that ‘pickles are not to be even touched during periods’ etc. Yes, it is a pity that our society can spend their time in creation of such meaningless views but not help the women just live as comfortably she was before those 5 days of menstrual cycle. However, this will change from now on!

I, Nayan Gupta is a resident of a society in Sector 104, Noida and I have decided to start an initiative to create the accessibility of Sanitary Napkins easier to the rural girls and women by creation of ‘Sanitary Napkin Bank’. This idea has been successfully initiated in Mumbai by Dr. Bharati Lavekar. In this, each women can contribute at least one sanitary napkin from each new packet that she purchases from the market. By this contribution, we can generate many sanitary napkins that can be easily distributed in government schools to girls from an early class. However, to begin this initiative, I require some voluntaries from various societies who would enthusiastically take up this initiative and help in the distribution of Sanitary napkins.

I have been reading the articles on this website and I am sure that many of such writers would also be interested to help in overcoming such problems therefore, I would request you to join me in this initiative. You can contact me on my email id:-

Thank you


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