Is it worth buying UPS for Computer in India?

Posted by Vikram Singh
December 20, 2017

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Though very difficult to believe it is a stark reality of India that millions of people still don’t have electricity in this country.  According to a recent report published in some of the leading newspapers of this country, there are some 400 million people in India who still don’t have access to electricity because there is not an infrastructure intact in some regions in India to supply electricity to these people. 

These hapless people are still living in that Stone Age where there are not any signs of electricity, no machines and electronic gadgets running on them.  The current power infrastructure in India has not that potential or capability to provide sufficient and reliable power supply.

In this scenario, can a computer user afford to use his/her device without a UPS? Obviously not!   With this scenario of electricity going on in the country, there is absolutely no chance of using Computers without Computer UPS in India.

Scenario of Electricity in India and Relevance of a Computer UPS  

 Here are some of the reasons why is it worth buying Computer UPS in India:

  1. The demand for electricity in India has always been more than the supply. The situation leads to frequent power cuts and fluctuation in the current. The frequent power cuts damage electronic gadgets. This is one reason why people in this country can’t think of running computers without Computer UPS in their homes and offices to regulate current flows and safeguard UPS and other highly expensive electronic gadgets from suffering damage.
  2. The fluctuation in the electricity supply in India is just one more reason why computer service centres in India remain always flooded with complainers.
  3. The Frequent power cuts and power fluctuations can damage electronic equipment. The price of a computer in India ranges from 15.000 To 50000 Rs. So damage to Computer due to frequent power cuts and huge electricity fluctuation can mean a huge loss for the customer in terms of money.
  4. Moreover, in India, the situation of electricity worsens with every thunderstorm and lightning strikes. The power disappears from the wires and sockets till the Lightning strikes and Thunderstorms take a leave till next session.
  5. The electricity demand is growing in India day by day as the already overly populated county is inflating further. On the other hand, the use of electronic gadgets has increased manifold in the country in the recent years.
  6. The electrical surges instantly overload and short circuit home appliances plugged into the wall. The quality of the electronic equipment like Computers degrades over the time. And a time comes when they stop functioning altogether taking the user by surprise.  

How power surges cause damage to electronic equipment like Computer?

The answer to the above question was recently provided by a study conducted by a group of researchers in the USA.

A household in the USA uses electrical power in the form of 120 volts but it is not delivered at a constant 120 volts.  Since most of the electronic appliances in the United States are designed to run by this form of electricity, the researchers caused fluctuations in the current and observed its impact on the devices. The repeated electrical surges damaged almost all the electrical appliances

The frequent power cuts lead to a power surge.   When the high power appliances like air conditioners and refrigerators were turned on and off, the electric surges occurred and damaged the equipment plugged into the wall.  Because when after the cut, power came back on, the gadgets which were still turned on, the massive amount of volts passed through them for a brief period of time that caused severe damage to the electrical appliances.

How Can I Protect My Computer From Sudden Power Surge?

 The question arises now is there a way to protect computers from this sudden power surge. Yes, there is a way and the way is a Computer UPS. 

According to a recent report published in some leading national dailies, the demand for the Computer UPS system has grown in India manifolds. One of the main factors that are held responsible for it is that a Computer UPS plays very vital role in the smooth performance of Computer.

Here are some of the ways how a computer UPS can protect your Computer from Sudden Power Surge:

  1. The interruptions in the electric power supply cause serious harm to even the most sophisticated electrical appliances like Computer. A computer UPS regulates the electricity flow to the computer and prevents power fluctuation.
  2. A computer UPS gives your computer emergency power while the main power supply stands interrupted. Your UPS takes the control of the power supply till some alternate source of power like generator takes control of the system.  This way ensuring constant power flow to the computer and at the same time a shield from unexpected outages and voltage fluctuations.
  3. The sudden disruption in the electricity supply can also cause the essential data loss which no business, student, or institute will like to happen. The disruption in the electricity leads to decrease in the total work productivity and of course economic loss. The UPS installation prevents this decrease in productivity and economic loss to the business.
  4. This is the reason why almost every computer user in today’s world prefers to use Computer UPS. These key factors have increased the relevance of Computer UPS in India.  
  5. A computer system is pricey equipment which is built with hard work and a good amount of money. So a sudden blackout can ruin your computer, the UPS makes sure that this does not take place. Even if the work has actually not been saved and a power cut takes area, the UPS will make sure that there is sufficient power for adequate time for the user to conserve his information securely for future use.


 Remember computer System is pricey equipment bought with a good amount of money. A sudden blackout can ruin it.  Computer UPS ensures your computer is protected from the sudden power fluctuations and consequence of power surges and frequent power cuts.

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