Is Jignesh The New Dalit Icon India Needs?

Posted by Pramod Pal in Politics, Specials
December 18, 2017

The BJP retained power in the state of Gujarat and the Congress reached up to 80 seats. But in this election, a Dalit leader emerged as a new icon from the community. Contesting independently from the Vadgam constituency, he won by a margin of more than 19,000 votes.

In contemporary politics, India needs such an activist-politician because these people are not involved in politics only for their own benefit, but work for the public’s benefit. Some people have criticised him for fighting independently, but I think that it was actually a good step. If he would have contested the elections as a part of the Congress, then maybe the credit for his win would have gone to the Congress party.

But this victory shows that all people from the Dalit community of Gujarat are following him. In the present scenario, there is a need for a nationwide Dalit leader in India. While India has a Dalit president, but he has never been a Dalit leader. I think that maybe only Mayawati has some ability, but she seems to have already indulged herself in corruption. But now, she is not even in the Rajya Sabha. With this win, Mewani can now raise the issues faced by Dalit people, at least in the Gujarat assembly. Meanwhile, I feel that other Dalit leaders like Paswan and Athawale are just enjoying their power by supporting the BJP.

So, with Jignesh Mewani’s victory, the Indian democracy and the Dalit community can expect a lot. I believe that he is, indeed, quite capable to fulfill the promises he’s made.