Juvenile : 1995 – 2018

Posted by Deeksha Raina
December 28, 2017

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Yeh Un Dino Ki Baat Hai —

~~ (In those days)

When black and white had just evolved into color, when Tom and Jerry and Scooby Doo ruled the primetimes, when virtue and respect were present inexhaustibly.

I remember the era of 1995 as the Golden era. The period which was ruled by simplistic pleasures and abundant innocence wherein, every stranger was a friend and every friend a family.

The days which were bereft of the dark fantasies and filled with light and carefree pleasures.

The timeline was filled with juveniles topping their exams and (wo)men leading their jobs; when newspapers would bring about the joy of reading along with!

 Yeh In Dino Ki Baat Hai —

~~(In these days)

When color TV has given way to Tata sky and LEDs, when Cartoon Network is replaced by pornographic tapes and when innocence has lost to a sixth standard student.

This is the period  when materialistic things take the higher priority stands wherein families are losing values and strangers are slowly increasing.

These are the days which are filled with gloom and shock at the increasing speed of the ever changing pattern and are bereft of the inklings to the past days of carefree laughter..!

Today the timeline is smeared with blood and rage, and insane desires wherein there is a huge ball of electron which has now overshadowed the small mass of proton.  This is the era when newspapers are filled with murders and rapes not just by men but by juveniles where not only women but girls are also unsafe!


Yeh Kis yug ki baat hai—

~~(What is this era)


Headline : 1
Headline : 2

These are just a few of the thousands of similar headlines. Each day, the newspapers are filled with warnings, alerts and dangers of the dynamically changing, rather, degrading mentality of people. What comes as a shocker is that juveniles contribute to a major portion of the cult/creed.

I have tried and failed miserably at understanding the psyche of today’s juveniles!  And what’s more scary is that many of them are an educated lot.

What is it that allows a 16 year old to murder his own family? How in the world does that person garner the guts and courage to do an act as heinous as this? How is it that a 20 year old forgets that the female lying in front of him is a  woman, a child, a mother and a living being?! Where in the world does he leave his sense of consciousness?? Why is it that a 17 year old brother uses his sister as a bait, just so to fulfil his needs!? When in the world was his love replaced by lust?

Are the sexual desires so tempting, are the pleasure needs so erotic that one is easily able to let go of all differentiation between right and wrong? Is the rage and anger so fuelled up that the only colors visible are red and black? Have the children of yesterday grown up so big that they choose to ignore the pleas and cries?!

I am ashamed to mention any more incidents. For all of them leave me creeped out and horrified.! Whence the first half ( juveniles/teenagers) of the youth of our nation is so twisted and sadistic, I am afraid I do not see how the next half (Adults) is going to be any different! I pray I am wrong!

How far have we come, from dropping our locality’s 10 year old to her safe haven to taking our locality’s 4 year old to our hell…

It’s disappointing and it’s disgusting. It’s a stigma and a stain on the humanity.

And I fear, if not tackled now,  it’s going to stay for a long time.

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