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December 30, 2017

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            Hello friends welcome back this is my fourth time I’m jotting down my owrsonal views on a social media platform like #youthkiawaaz and I couldn’t control my emotions and ofcourse views over certain underlying issue which seems to get hidden under many protests and overly done speeches and other area of protests… The misery is that the problem remains intact as the problem is not in anything related to writjng about certain theme, or concept or the several conversations related to it but the actual issue is the problem of the mindsets which I still feel in my opinion is still persistent in the mentality of an individual which remains to be washed off that is a ”no means a no”… Yes, if a female says its a no then it means that she is not interested in a male just not interested at all…

As everyone knew already that in each article I always never really forget to insert an anecdote to elucidate my article for a proper understanding of my visions and perspectives… Today’s tale is taking you back to the 2010 era down the memory lane. Sona was studying in her 12th standard and has accompanied two of her new muslim female friends Fatima and Ruksar… They all use to spend time together, one day while gossiping all together Ruksar and Fatima told Sona and another friend Monika about the behaviour of prankster and abusing boys of the class towards them. They discussed it with Sona and Monika that it is due to their real brother who are friends with these boys have warned them that they cannot say or trouble there sisters i.e. Fatima and Ruksar. This made Sona and Monika tell their friends to also tell theor brothers who are good friends of all these idiotic hooligan boys of their class to not trouble them or pass comments in them either whenever they enter the class or in recess or after school as well actually nowhere… The girls said nothing but this perplexes the mind of Sona who later tells Monika that she now gets it as to why the troublemakers never really say anything to these two girls Fatima and Ruksar and the answer is because of their brothers threats tk them.
After this day and on the next consecutive day Sona was constantly tolerating the weird comments and unnecessary hooting of those rascal boys of her class. One time she saw something really annoying, when Shubhi’s parents entered the classroom to meet the class teacher, theh all one by one syarted laughing at the old couple who are of their parents age… … … This perturbed Sona but the weirdest part is that the class teacher Mrs. Anjana Massey does not said a word against it at all… The next time when Sona was troubled by the act of the boys she complaints it to the Vice President and none of her female classmates cooperated with her in this, and as the principal is not in town so she files a complaint against the lads to the VP but he too warned them and let go of the matter as if nothing has really happened  due to their high status the boys always skip from everything, but after this Sona was the prime target of those hooligan boys… She was always chased by them somehwere or the other. She was often teased by the scoundrels and the worst part is her female classmates are friends of those boys and despite of knowing her problem they didn’t support her and the class teacher is always in the favour of those boys. Unable to cope with the situation Sona does something which is never really expected from a personality like Sona… She finally took a major step of her life to end the nonsense once and for all. She beats the boys black and blue till the boys fell on the ground to breath their last few breaths before getting fainted… Till the time Sona calls the cops kn the spot and fikes an FIR against those terrorist boys and the way they use to trouble her and other gurls of the school.
The boys were under arrest and beaten up the police officers till get to see moon and stars on the earth… They were expelled from the school and a complaint has been registered on the administrative department of the school as well… Tell us your views friends what should be done under such circumstances, sit back or relax, wait and suffer or should it be the Sona way round. What she did was it worth doing well in my own opinion it is as troubling anyone in a wrong manner is a crime and inhumane offence. Tell us your views about the whole incidence in the comments box below.👇

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