Kerala Backwaters Now Becoming an Arena for Voluntourism

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December 19, 2017

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Modern tourism and concepts are changing day by day and getting trendier. Apart from sightseeing and adventure tourism, nowadays, village tourism, eco-tourism, farm tourism, cultural tourism are all gaining popularity. The present-day tourism allows the tourists to become more close to nature as well as the people and culture. It is at the time of a travel, one can enlighten himself about various aspects of that particular place. Kerala is best chosen for trying a new version of travel and travelling with a theme is prominent in Kerala. The foreigners visiting Kerala is not just to watch the nature and return but instead, they need to understand the culture, the lifestyle, agriculture, Ayurveda and tradition of Kerala. Since Kerala backwaters are their ever time favourite destination in Kerala, these unique travelling can be experimented at the locations of the backwater. Voluntourism is gaining popularity these days in ‘Gods Own country’ and tourists are actually looking forward to helping the natives of Kerala before they return. This Voluntourism has been prevalent in Kerala for years but has gained popularity recently. Backwater tourism can be selected as an arena for completing the voluntourism implications. Since Kerala backwater tourism is unique to Kerala, a number of backwater tour packages are sold out annually. Of this, foreigners are the frequent customers. Instead of watching the beauty of the backwater world, a peep into the lives of the rural folks living in the shores can arouse a volunteer in you.

Voluntourism actually means helping the communities at the tourist destination on several things or causes like providing education, spoken English classes, taking part in the eco-friendly tour, engaging in farming etc. While taking a houseboat journey through the Kerala backwaters, one can see the villages and people living there. They are not just a matter of watching but are humans leading a simpler lifestyle earning from their livelihood, basically fishing or coir retting. Kumarakom, famous for rural backwater tourism has been felicitated and at the same time bagged international awards for being the tourist destination following responsible tourism. Responsible tourism is invoking the locals at a particular destination to take part directly or indirectly in tourism. But in Voluntourism it is the tourists or travellers itself to take necessary steps in volunteering specific activities at that particular tourist destination. This can be done on your honeymoon or first wedding anniversary celebration where you wish to do some charity on your special days. To support you and provide energy, the vibrant attractions are always a sight far from your eyes. Taking Kerala backwater as an example, the tourists looking for volunteering a cause can take part in these activities.

Take an incipient step towards spreading awareness on eco-friendly tours

Among the travellers, the person who can deliver the best speech on stage can organise an awareness program on lessening the pollution on backwaters. We know the increased tourism and houseboat cruises are one way or the other affecting the ecological stability of the backwaters. These oils, gases emitted by the motors in houseboats are a threat to the fishes in the backwaters, indirectly affecting the livelihood of villagers. Use of eco-friendly products or solar powered houseboats must be introduced. The engineers among the travellers can exhibit a model showing how solar power can be utilised to minimise the pollution. Spread awareness of selling eco-friendly products. If possible, a campaign can be organised.

Educating students on various subjects

Due to poverty or lack of teachers, the students in villages are devoid of proper education mainly English. Foreigners are seen taking classes on spoken English and various other subjects. Basics of mathematics, physics are necessary for the early classes itself for making further education smoother. Arouse a teacher in you and share your knowledge with the kids to promise a better future and foundation for them. Encourage them in making models on physics concept so that practical wise knowledge is embedded in them. In Kerala, there are many chances for voluntourism as the tour planners can contact several NGO s for making necessary arrangements for organising classes or campaigns. Choose backwater or houseboat packages accordingly and talk with your travel operator for more chances.

Involve in coir making and encourage women

The women in the backwater villages are involved in coir retting process. Take part and understand the art of retting the coir and converting it into usable products. You can encourage the women in opening small stalls on their own selling some products made from coir or other eco-friendly products. Make them connected with other business magnets you know and popularise their products. Coir products have international markets and make them informed about this. Also, you can introduce other domains where they can earn on their own. Apart from coir making, other activities like tailoring, making handicrafts can be introduced to them.

Providing medical aid to the villagers

There are some cases where villagers need awareness about diseases or medical system. If you are a doctor, then providing medical help is a greatest charitable opportunity. Here you can have sightseeing option as well as volunteering opportunity. Share natural methods of healing a disease without consulting a doctor. Health is wealth and providing information about proper medication is really a worth. Hire a houseboat and conduct a mobile medical check-up free. Proper diagnosis is important in curing a disease and share the correct diagnosis result with the patient.

Volunteering a charity purpose

There are many foreigners who visit Kerala for charity purposes and of these honeymoon couples are prominent. Nowadays since the trend is changing, people search for a new theme in their travel. Voluntourism is one among that. Taking a houseboat cruise in Kerala backwaters is an inevitable tourist activity for every foreign honeymooner and thus Romantic honeymoon packages in Kerala houseboat are mostly picked by many. These wealthy honeymoon couples can make their newly wedded days special and blessed by extending hands to the poor people. By owning a houseboat and collecting the revenue generated by houseboat cruise is often done and this revenue is presented to any orphanages or as a support for children suffering from any deadly diseases.

Since Kerala, backwaters are the location where more Kerala tour is experienced with more number of tourists for a honeymoon, get together or family vacations. By volunteering a cause in these destinations, one can utilize their talents for a better reason. There are many people who are seeking the volunteering actions.  Give some contributions to the tourist place that has presented a scintillating journey to you. Thus, leave Kerala with a satisfaction that you have done something for the state’s development.


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