Kochi, the queen of the Arabian Sea and a paradise for honeymooners

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December 19, 2017

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Marriage is one of the most promising elements in a woman’s life, and when it comes to a married life, the honeymoon is one thing that is believed to bring about an unbreakable bonding between two unknown individuals. I was married on the 10th of November to my prince charming as in fairy tales. After marriage, I was rerouted to Delhi as my husband was settled with his job in the city. After marriage, we never had enough time for each other all he was concerned was of his job and daily routines, even after being with the person for more than a week, I never felt that magic of a married life in mine. Delhi is one of the busiest cities and I was really fed up with the loud noise and hassle of the city life.  to my surprise on the 1st of December, my husband asked me my opinion of a tour, I was a person who loved nature and wildlife to the best considering my wish we choose to travel to Kerala one of the best tourist destination to the south which was mostly known as the honeymooner’s paradise.

     We decided to avail an Attractive Kerala tour packages from Delhi with destinations of natural beauty and wild. After searching for a while we availed a package that was organized by DreamHolidays and scheduled for the 6th of December. After a week finally, it was time for us to pack and travel to Kerala, one of the best tourist destination with vegetation and wilderness at its best. On the 6th of December we finally reached the Delhi airport by 5 am, we were greeted by the representatives of the tour operators in Delhi; they helped us greatly with the luggage and in completing the formalities to travel.

             After a flight of about 4hrs, we finally reached the Cochin international airport by 9 am. At the airport, we met up with the tour operators who led us to the taxi that was waiting for us. By the time we reached Kochi we were hungry and so we decided to have our breakfast from one of the best hotels on the way to our hotel in Kerala we were to enjoy our honeymoon in Kochi which was better described as the heart of Kerala. We started our trip to the hotel from the airport at around 9.30 and on the way; we halted in a restaurant to have the breakfast. One of the main things that attract me to Kerala is the taste and flavors of the food. The Kerala special Biriyani was one thing that I loved to have in the lands. After having food from the place we continued with the ride to the pre-booked hotel that was waiting for us. At about 10.30 we finally reached the hotel, after completing the formalities we checked in to the room. One of, the main thing that struck me in the hotel was its interiors which was both elegant and classic. It was similar to the once we see back in Delhi. After refreshing we decide to start with the tour of the city. As per the plan, our first destination for the day was the Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary.


           After driving for about 20min from the hotel we finally reached the place. Located inside the Ernakulam district court the place was one of the most silent and peaceful destinations for honeymooners and couples in the city. Mangalavanam Bird Sanctuary could be better explained as an alien destination within the court premises unaffected by modernity or the noise and pollution of the city. The place was full of greenery with a small brook; the place houses a number of mangroves and is home to a wide range of migratory birds. One of the main things that attracted me to the place was the tree house which offers you the best view of the entire place and the 2 small raw boats that would let you enjoy a small boat ride through the Brooke. After enjoying the beauty of the place for a while we decided to move on to our next destination of the day.After travelling for about 30 min from the bird sanctuary we finally reached our next destination of the day the Bolgatty Palace. The palace was one the residence of the kings which was now renovated to form a heritage resort. One of the main attractions of the place was the backwater front view. The place was one of the best destinations where couples could enjoy some time chatting with each other enjoying the scenic beauty of the waters. The place also offered boat rides which we enjoyed after being in the place for a while. After enjoying the boat ride and spending some time in the water we decided to move on to the Marine Drive. Located at about a distance of 45 min from the palace the drive was one of the main attractions of the city. After travelling for a while from the palace we finally reached Marine Drive by 5.30pm. Marine Drive could be better said as the couples spot or the best destination in Kochi from where you could enjoy a beautiful sunset.

One of the main attractions of the drive was the number of stores which were made available for the visitors. We walked for a while in the place enjoying the beauty of the place and the kids playing in the park. We left the place by about 7.30 after enjoying the sunset. The place was our last destination of the day. From the Marine Drive, we decided to explore the town by taking a walk through the place for a small shopping. Marine Drive was a place located in the heart of the city and so it was an easy access point to almost every shops in the city while walking we explore a few shops like Milan from where we bought some dress and a couple of other shops from where bough different materials mainly clothes and ornaments for me. After enjoying the night shopping, we headed back to the hotel and reached the room by 10 pm. It was already late and so we decided to have our dinner and take rest without much delay as we were to check out the next day.
The next day we woke up at around 10 am, after refreshing and having the breakfast we checked out by 11 am. We started our trip of the last day By 11.30; according to the plan of the day, we were to visit 2 well-known destinations in the city that day as we had no much time to stay. Our first destination of the day was the hill palace which was located at a distance of about 1hr from the main city. After travelling for an hour we finally reached the palace by 12.30pm. One of the main attractions of the hill palace was its architectural beauty and exhibits from ancient Kerala. The place exhibited number materials which were once used in the land by the kings of the place. The placed housed a number of trees and gardens, after enjoying the natural beauty of the place and exploring a number of exhibits we decided to visit our last destination of the day the Cherai Beach.

  After travelling from the palace for about 40 min we finally reached our last destination in our honeymoon trip the Cherai Beach.It was one of the most beautiful and clean beaches in Kerala. The breach was counted among some of the most popular and well-known beaches in Kerala. Some of the element of the beach that I found fascinating was the coconut plantations, the rich green paddy fields and the innumerable Chinese Nets resting on the shore. Chinese nets one of the most attracting elements in the beach of Kochi which one can never found back in Delhi. Being a destination with a unique combination of beauty peacefulness and romantic ambiance the place is one of the most prominent destinations in most Kerala trip honeymoon packages where honeymooners like us could spend some time with their loved one away from the loud city in peace. The beachside resorts add up to the charm and beauty of the place. After being in the place for a while we decided to get back to the airport. After a drive o about 2hrs, we finally reached the airport by 7 pm.

From the Cochin international airport, we go the flight back to Delhi and reached back home by 11 pm. My honeymoon trip to Kochi was one of the most beautiful cherished moments in my life. Kerala could be explained as one of the must-visit destination for travellers from Delhi. This beautiful state to the south holds in everything that a capital city like Delhi lacks in. The nature, wildlife, and climate of Kerala are one thing that attracts the honeymooners from Delhi and such busy cities to the land. Being a state with immense beauty and resources Kerala is a land that never fails to fascinate the visitors.

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