Honest Promises To Myself For The Coming Year

Posted by Shalu Saharan in Society
December 30, 2017

My new year resolutions are actually honest promises that I am making to myself. Burning a lantern symbolizes my decision to disown everything that makes me feel despondent, that makes my eyes shine less, lose my belief in my existence, makes my voice dim.

Spending most of the time in my own company made me realize how negatively judgmental I am for myself. This letter is my commitment to myself, in sickness and in health, in success and in failure, in happiness and in sadness, in disappointments and in wrath.

Dear Self,

I know you are suffering, suffering in a world where every day you have to wear so many masks that now you are confused about your real identity. You have lost yourself in the journey but, fortunately, not completely, there is a 100% chance you can find yourself back, but you have to follow your own expert advice. 

For God’s Sake, Stop Being A People Pleaser

It is not your duty to please everybody and it is impossible. People are different you can’t make everybody happy. You are your first responsibility; unload yourself from the baggage of pleasing and taking care of everybody’s feeling at the cost of your state of mind. Please have some mercy on yourself and be yourself, some will appreciate you some will not. And that’s okay! Being yourself requires a lot of courage, and being courageous is a much better choice. When you are yourself you are fabulous and you know it very well.

You Are Not The Reason For Everything That Goes Wrong

No matter how wide you stretch your fingers, your hands will always be too small to catch all the pain you wish to heal (beautifully quoted by your favourite poet Sarah Kay). You are doing things in your capacity, don’t live with disappointment if even after giving your 100% things didn’t work out the way they should. It’s not your fault, so stop blaming yourself and get rid of all the unnecessary blaming.

Learn To Say ‘No’ Loud And Clear

Before saying it to others ,say it to yourself, say NO to all the negative thinking, toxic thoughts, sometimes giving up is a wise option, give up on all the things that stuns your growth, hinders with your peace, that doesn’t surprise you at all. You are precious, you are here for a limited time, little courage to say NO, will reward you with many things that matter!

The moments that turned out for the worst could have turned out for the best, by only using two magical letters – NO!

Spend Time With The People You Love

Very rightly said, it’s not your job, not your career or the number of degrees you own, none of this will ever help when you are alone. Nothing matters more than the relationships and people who love you – who love you no matter what, their love for you is not dependant on your success and failures, it is beyond things.

These could be your parents, friends and anyone who adds value to your life. The people who never stops believing in you! Who never give up on you !

Don’t Hesitate To Release Your True Potential

You know deep within how incredibly talented you are. Embrace your talents, sharpen your skills, work everyday to become a better version of yourself. Commit all time to writing your own life script and believe me, you will become an amazing writer. Learn more about your favorite writer, read all the books you always wanted to, learn all the skills you always wanted to equip yourself with, whether it’s learning to play the guitar, taking up a psychology course – anything or everything.

You’ve Learned The Lessons, Now You Need To Accept Them Too

You have learned the lessons life has taught you, but still you haven’t given yourself the permission to accept them. Sometimes people are insensitive, don’t hesitate and curb your emotions.

Appreciate Your Strengths

Rather than focusing wholly on your weakness and areas you need to work upon, sometimes focusing on your strength gives you  a sense of your self, of your capability, and induce positivity in you to combat the difficult situations.

Put Yourself Above All

Learn to give yourself the utmost importance in every situation, your feelings matter as much as others. You are whole and complete in yourself, other people and situations are just adding value to it. Instead of focusing on how the other person feels in your company, focus more on how you felt in their company.

Love Yourself  And Stay Healthy

Your body needs rest – you are a human not a machine. Your physical and mental health should be your first priority. Never ever compromise on your health at any cost.

I Love You And Will Never Leave You

No matter how many relationship you make in life, how many people enter your journey – some leave in the beginning, some in the midway and very few make it till the end. But always remember, this journey is all about you. You are the permanent and the strongest never ending support you have. Say it to yourself loudly, “I will never leave you,” because you love yourself unconditionally.

My dear self, since you have figured this all out by yourself , may these promises empower you in conquering your fears, because trust me, the places where you face the biggest challenges are the places where you learn the most!