Lies Of intellectuals

Posted by TyagiGvtyagi22
December 28, 2017

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I saw many post that describes the condition of discrimination against dalits and minorities in India. As we are a third world country so we should compare us with other third world countries or may be we can compare us with developed countries. So here I am comparing India with third world countries as well as developed countries. We can take example of south Asia like Pakistan, Bangladesh, srilanka, Nepal. The condition of minorities are worse in these countries. Pakistan, some ethnicities lived there we all know the condition of baloch, the condition of Kashmiries of POK, the total Pakistan belongs only to Punjabi Muslims. Even in 1971 they killed 30 lakh of fellow Bengali Muslim and raped over a million women. These were the linguistic minorities now take example of religious minorities. During the partion, Hindus have 22% of population share in Pakistan now it is 2%. There was a time when Lahore belongs to Sikhs but now they have one or two colonies in Lahore city. If the intellectuals can write a whole page on the issue of Rohit vemula than it is possible that they also can make the library on the issue of attrocities or I will say religious cleansing of religious minorities in Pakistan and we all know the difference between a page and a library. Now come to Bangladesh, the whole population of Bangladesh belongs to only one linguistic group that is Bengali so they could make a bridge between the religious minorities on the bases of language but they didn’t. They fought against discrimination of Punjabis but now they are doing same thing with religious minorities. Just another fact, during the time of partion 32% Hindus lived in the Bangladesh now they are only 9% again we can make a library on this issue. Just understand this issue, the population is decreasing so you can imagine what did the religious minorities faced or facing in these countries. Mass rape, murder, mass conversation, fire on the houses. Just pick a topic like mass rape divide it and make it just rape now think a left leaning intellectual can pick this up make a post of one page with full of emotions and readers will feel that some serious thing is actually happening but it is not a single rape it is mass rape not just mass rape it is mass murder not just mass murder it is mass conversion not just mass conversion at the end it is religious cleansing.

In second part I will explain the developed world. I am open for any discussion any debate. And sorry for my English

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