life on line

Posted by Shubham Singh Rajput
December 15, 2017

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hell ya .. i have been raping my life

this motherfuckin worlds cant relate my fight

i was standin in rain when it was sun on my fucking head

when i was six , i did a crime

still now it hurt in my wind pipe

now what , words , see me when i vipe

fuck u , my midle finger rise

i have running through thunder

keeping my words , low – less

my balls keeps kicking  .. me to be nice

i feel ice i my nerver

blood running through eyes …

people think i am good , fuck them who think this shit too …

i am cold heart ..

two face .. fuck u ,  never relate ..

i be what i have been sying till death …

my lric doesnt have rhyme to relate ..

even thou i keep playing with world s

they thinks i am pussy to relate

tell this mother fucking wold , best belive

all the pain …inside me ,, keeps me killing ..every single verse they through ..

my midle finger rise , s succes is the only my fucking option i got

i jump on mick ..

to kill every fucking dream , devine

i know i dont lie

but i have been fighting to die


a year ago , light grow

i fall with the spark of devine

she loved me like no one ever did ..

i was breath like , no one ever figured out

now what ….

i am rapping

my world ar life vipe , vipper , vipping

she is gone ..but lives where hearts beats

i still serarch for the ray to lighteen thing

i never knew , i would be sick

now i am dying without you “Ay”

i belive in thought that one day , gd will give light

to brighteen up my faith

till the time i will keep on fighting

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