love jihad….is it???

Posted by roshni Khan
December 9, 2017

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love jihad

Just a random thought, why is it that  love jihad is always about a muslim man wooing a hindu woman into islam, using love as a bait.

Why can’t it be abt hindu man being wooed into islam by a muslim woman…why is our hindutva brigade not worried abt that. I mean we have a living example of A R rehman converted, and happily married to a muslim woman.

I guess this formula of making ppl fall in love with u should be shared with thousands of such ppl who have been friendzoned since ages😂

The main concern still remains that why are they only worried abt women being wooed…is it bcoz they think that women are brainless creatures lacking the capacity of making sensible decisions, ???

is this what it is?

Love jihad is not an insult to indian muslims..its actually an insult to women!!!! Labelling them as easily convincable fools, who lack the ability to make mature decisions.

Today they have problem with inter religion marriages, tomorrow it will be intercaste, and at the end we are again going to return to d dark ages when women had no right to choose her lifepartner!!!

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