Was It Social Conditioning That Made Shambhu Lal Such A Brutal Monster?

On December 6, a man, supposedly accused of love jihad, was hacked to death and burned alive. The whole incident was taped by the nephew of the murderer. The murderer later spoke in the video as if he had committed a great deed.

Just after the above was posted, the complete nation was busy in debating how we should punish this brutal murderer. Many talked about the anger and the logic behind the crime and suggested fast-tracking the case and announcing “to be hanged till death” as soon as possible.

I know what he did was horrific. But, there is always another angle to everything and I think the nation completely missed out an angle in all of this.

What made Shambhu Lal a brutal killer? I doubt he was born like this. What went wrong in his past that he became such a brutal monster? How did a 14-year-old agree to record this inhuman act? Does the solution lie in announcing a quick judgement? Or should we try to find the kind of social conditioning responsible for such behaviour?

Should we really spend so much of our energy by being angry ay Shambhu Lal or should we together try to make this world more kind, compassionate and livable?

Can we all rid ourselves of anger and walk freely towards compassion, nurturing, healing and love? Think what would have happened if Shambhu Lal could have received some nurturing, healing and love. Perhaps then, this tragedy would have never occurred to Afrazul.

Let’s try to support the people around us, talk to them and be compassionate. Always remember that no one is born inhuman but they are cultivated by their environment.

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